October 05, 2012

A sucker

I often tell you how Photoshop can be so mean to me. I can say that I've done with it. But getting stucked all alone in the photography class whilst everyone was busy with their editing software—which I really believed it was all Photoshop CS5—I stared at my old Photoscape and PicMonkey, tried to find out what kind of effects I should try at that time :| So now, as for some suggestions that came from my friends at photography class, I guess giving Photoshop another go is not a really big matter. And here are the first batch of edited photos with Photoshop that I did just by then:

Ummm, I think those photos are too "dangerous" and God damn it I really need a good guide here to teach me Photoshop! At least the basic one! I don't wanna left behind here helloooowww!

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  1. I like the print and colors on your dress/shirt in the 3rd photo!



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