October 05, 2012

Silent night

Taking photos between my hectic times and keep on thinking positive with all the heart-breaking chats that came upon my WhatsApp :| Recently I had this friendship issue that makes my emotion going down, so down. Now all that's left here in my heart is only hatred. I'm not a good listener, I tell ya, and I don't like it when people tell me that I was wrong. Okay, I listen and I (perhaps) did wrong stuffs but well, there's this feeling to be prefect. The pressure to looked just "fine" and crackless...

My parents are currently in Palembang for a cousin's wedding and here I am with my little brother spending the free time. I was actually working with some musical tasks due next week, a short presentation of Spain's national anthem and etc. Once again, I feel like I'm hating the music class :$ Recently I've been reading a lot of Photoshop easy tutorials from Katrina of Pugly Pixel and some google searches. Wdyt? :)


  1. lovely pics!


  2. yeah, it sucks to feel down. i do have that kind of pressure to be perfect too (i guess that's the reason why i haven't start a fashion blog yet) in my case, i wanna be skinny and lose all these damn pimples. but well, i try to look down and be thankful-thankful-and-thankful-x10-times :)


  3. Dun worry with time the hatred will just pass.
    Hw abt foll each oda? Lemme no if u wan 2.


  4. hi,.. holy night silent night :)
    could i get your oreo? :)


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