November 24, 2012

A whole new world

Special thank's to...

Dear Fidel, thank you for bringing me up your super duper annoying virusey-attitude. Thank you for making my days in Social 1 even brighter and always there when I need you the most and never fail to cheer me up in my worst times. Sorry if at the first place I cursed on Super Junior and blablabla. Now after you show me how hard their road has been, I finally understand I have to respect them, no matter what :)

Dear SM Entertainment, thank you for having them as your talents.

Dear South Korea, please stop doing military service in your law. I hate them.

Dear hangul, please be kind to me since I'm working out my brain just to learn more about you so that I can understand when Wookie and Yesung tweet something ;)

For the boys...

Dear Leeteuk, I know I'm not an ELF—yet—but since the first day you left your fans and dongsaeng for military service, my heart torn apart :") Everytime I log in to Tumblr, I see pieces of your faces smiling to the audiences on each stages and then the captions would be "waiting for Jung Soo". Please return in honour so that I can see that bright smile once again!

Dear Heechul, please stop being so beautiful with long hair and handsome in short hair. I hate you :x

Dear Hangeng, I miss you being on the same stage with SJ again :) Seeing you in EHB breaks my heart.

Dear Yesung, I start loving you right after Ryeowook. Probably because your extremely beautiful voice catches me? ;) Stop being strange. Oh no, just stay the way you are now. I like it~

Dear Kangin, I never thought you'd have such great body after getting back from the military service. Not fat, just big and muscled :D I love your act in Attack On the Pin Up Boys tho!

Dear Shindong, thank you for cheering up the atmosphere everytime you guys get stucked in any TV shows. I appreciate how you tend to work things out so you can praise ELF :)

Dear Sungmin, stay away from your room-mate. Like, seriously...

Dear Eunhyuk, you're the first person who made me had to tear a drop when I watch SJ's interviews on Life Star Theater. I was shivering when you talked about your past life and so on. Be strong for any issues in the future, and of course, be well even when Kyuhyun is trying to put your pride as Dancing Machine down xD

Dear Donghae, you and Leeteuk have been friended since ever. I couldn't hold my emotions back then when I saw pictures of you and him training at the gym. Just so masculine... in a cute way, I mean.

Dear Siwon, you remind me of my old friend. His class is right above mine :D

Dear Kibum, I know you've chosen your own way and the bad thing is that I started liking you just when I finished watching Attack On the Pin Up Boys. Your act as the main character was awesume! Just right and I love that naughty smile ;) Hope to see you around the TV as well!

Dear Ryeowook, boy I can never get enough daily dose of you. Not in my phone, computer, song, even life. I love your neck, your collar bone—it's sexy—your childish smile, your mushroom hair, and your extremely high voice when you sing along with Yesung and Kyuhyun. I just love everything about you. Tho sometimes when you don't smile at some photos, I thought you were a bad guy haha! Saranghaeyo!

Dear Kyuhyun, stop being evil. You're a maknae. Respect Wookie. Thank you.

Additional thank's? ;)

Dear readers, thank's for bearing with me and see the sudden-changing cultural here :D I don't know how come I finally interested for any Korean bands. But as people ever said, "Once you're in, there's no way out. Never." ;) May you all have good weekend! Chuuuu~


  1. Is that a notebook with England flag?!


    1. Yes! :) Ask me if you're interested to get one!

  2. hey Nava,
    i really dont have much of an idea of who you just wrote about then!!! ;D
    sorry i might be a bit behind the times!

    1. Oh it's okay EJ! They're not supposed to be up on the blog here tho xD

  3. Omg! I want to learn korean writings and languages! Huhu. Btw, I followed your blog. Would you mind to follow back? :) xx


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