November 14, 2012

Burning red

Wearing // It's been a really beautiful weather in Indonesia ^_^ Yes, I said beautiful! I love rainy season. I just love the "cold" feeling and sudden hot I get after the rain stops. I love the smell of the wet soil so much so yes, it's been a realllllyyyy beautiful season! :D And so, to wear leggings at home and sleeping in sweater on isn't a stupid option, I guess. Well yes it can be said that this is my "pyjama look" lol. The tights is from Romwe and the sweater is from GAP.

Reading // A lot of Russian, Greek, French, Polish, and English literature books. I'm starting to write new stories and I wanna make a lot of scenes around those countries so it's really important to know more about the details.

Planning // To do more interviews with a lot of people from around the globe. I have to interact more and practice my English and get to know people's personalities.

Watching // A LOT OF SUPER JUNIOR'S FUNNY VIDEOS. Okay this might be sound too weird since I ever told you before how I hate Korean bands. But as now I sit with a hardcore K-popers, I guess enjoying what she enjoys wouldn't hurt anyone. So everyday I watch 3 or 5 funny videos about SJ and especially, to see more of Ryeowook since I have no video about them at all :D

Listening to // Recently most played: Little Things by 1D! Can't stop listening to it every night before I go to bed. It's just perfect, I love the MV and the words are just perfectly placed! You did a really good job, Ed ;) Oh, I also get stucked with this, this, this, and this. Don't ask me why. I just do!

Realizing // That I've collected too many 1D related stuffs--like their magazines, videos, and posters--and the fact that I actually have a lot of union-jack-patterned things :D If you happen to follow my Instagram, I just got my new union jack journal from Case Your Phone recommended by Veren. You gotta get yourself one too! :D Now I can't stop bringing them to my class and write everything in it!




  1. I love the simple and casual look with the sweat

  2. love the leggings! awesome print. your reading sounds really interesting!


  3. Yes.
    tell me when you start follow me and i ll follow you back.

  4. Hi Nava!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. :) Cute leggings!!! :) I wish I could go to Indonesia in the future! :) Visit my blog again and I hope to hear from you!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. me encanta tu look
    estas genial
    pasate por mi blog

  6. thanks for your comment ! I follow you!! xoxo

  7. thanks for the comment

  8. Awesome photos! :D Love the leggings.

  9. i love your leggings and ring

  10. ahaha the video is amazing :)))!

  11. Hello nava! Thanks for your comment,
    and yes i would like to follow each other :)
    Bj S

  12. Hmmm..... i'm glad that you finally opened up to kpop worlds~ i'm glad that you listened up to SJ songs~ i'm glad that you love wookie~ I just glad~

    1. I know who you are. Stop being anon Del! :D

  13. lovely blog :)

    Wanna follow eachother???

    Kisses from

  14. love the leggings and the ring <3

  15. Amazing leggings ;)))

  16. cool leggings Nava..
    what a cute list-do..
    so inspiring dear ;)

    visit my little cream button♥


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