November 29, 2012


The best way to kill spare time: read super-thick novel like, The Host...

This won't be like my past "currently" posts. Recently I've received a lot of new questions addressed to my e-mail't forget to poke me will you? ;) And so, since today I have quite much free time to spare, I guess answering them all here is the best choice so far. So here we go:

How should I call you? You have a bit weird name. Kochira
I've said this thousands times... I'M NAVA. Do not call me "Dinda" since I'm not so familiar into that name. My family calls me "Nava" since I was still in Greece and still continuing until now. Only some of my high school friends call me "Dinda" :)

Why do you like Ryeowook in SJ? He looks sassy. Gina
Haha, thank's for the compliment. Yes, I, myself admit that Ryeowook looks girly and he always pose cute style. But again, aside from the facts that he's the second youngest member in SJ (in my opinion, Kyuhyun doesn't get count at all :D), he takes good care of the other members, his smile is my greatest temptations, he cooks good, he's funny, he gets bullied almost all the time, and he also has beautiful voice and can perfectly hit all high tunes in any songs. His voice is noticeable and easy-listening too. Soooo why not? :)

You told me you'd never like Korean bands, look at you now! Mitha
I knoooowwww xD I'm basically a very open-minded person and I can easily accept any globalization effects. It's in my blood. When I finally thought, "Maybe I should give these boys a go..."—which I did—I opened my eyes wider and listened to their stories—each one of them. One Direction started their debut in 2010, and SJ has been around since 2005. Basically my lads are SJ's hoobaes! :x

How many languages do you speak? Sita
Bahasa, British English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Deutsch, a bit of Russian, and Korean.

What are you other interests beside writing? Nani
I have a lot of interests including the weird ones and I just can't mention all of them here—there will be a very long list! But it's all relating to each other and my interests mixed with my passions. :)

What's your strangest habit? Tiara
I prefer to call it as a hobby. I learn foreign languages. This hobby came years ago when I was still in elementary school. My parents couldn't speak English at all—tho dad has improved his skill better now--and they were afraid their children would end up the same like them. So my parents put me and my big brother to an English course and I stayed there for 9 years. When I've finally mastered English really well, I began studying about another language; it was French. And then the hobby continued day by day. In one normal day, I would spend 7 hours just for studying 4 different languages. So why do I do this? As I believe a wise man told me; "The limit of your languages is the limit of your words." :)

3 fun facts about you! Lina
a) I dress up and act like a very boyish girl at school, but when there's a club gathering where I was able to dressed myself as I wanted, all of my friends would be surprised because I mostly looked too fashionable. b) I name my stuffs with my idol's names. c) I talk to myself in British accent everyday for 3 hours just to satisfy myself. It gives me imagination that I was in London.

What's your music genre, and what music do you love to listen recently? Karina
POP. Started from Brit-pop, K-pop, and J-pop. I also listen to some French and Spanish songs. Recently I've been stucked with SJ's songs especially Daydream—the piano kills me all the time.

Do you play any musical instruments? Dina
Piano and keyboard—no they're not the same, of course.

Who's your favourite author, singer, comedian, actress, actor, model, TV shows? Miranda
Leo Tolstoy, can never decide cuz my favourite singers change each time I listen to new songs, Will Smith, I don't really keep up with dramas and movies but guess Angelina Jolie is my forever role model, Daniel Craig, Miranda Kerr, and SNL Korea.

Okay! That's all for now! Thank's for the questions, fellas. Have a good day! ^^


  1. Alhamdulillah, bisa bahasa indonesia :D

    Ciyus ... bisa baca novel tersebut sampai habis ?, hehe ... :)

    1. Haha, oh don't say that... I've been living here for 12 years. Of course I can speak Bahasa! I'm just not used to write it here on the blog. My blog friends mostly are international readers :)

      Glad you can find my blog back haha!

  2. hey nava! wow you speak HEAPS of different languages? :O im learning Bahasa Indonesia at school at the moment! love EJ xxx

    1. Oh yes, it's an addiction :D Really?? So what do you think? Is it easy to pronounce? I guess Bahasa is a pretty much easy language since we still use alphabet. Unlike Japanese and Korean haha~

  3. I've read that book! I really love it, and I'm glad a movie is coming out soon, I saw the trailer when I was at the cinema the other day :)

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    Enter my international giveaway!

    1. You bethca??? I haven't finished it! It's more like a pain in the ass when I saw this book and said to myself I should finish reading it. But when I've got in the middle of the story, I couldn't stop myself!

  4. cool facts Nava! Talk in British accent for 3 hours! You must be great! Guess what, I want you to be my English teacher! kkk~

    Ugh, just like you, I don't like when ppl call me "ade" its so weiiiiiird! Better call me "adeayu" or "ayu" :p

    1. My former teacher at the course taught me that way so that I can train my ears to British accent. Admit it, we often hard to understand what British people say, right? :D Practice always make perfect.

      Yes, and no matter how many times I tell them, they keep calling me "Dinda", oh Lord... :| Cuz I sometimes don't respond when they call me like that haha!


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