November 07, 2012

Just a test

Ahahaha, stupid I know. Yesterday I was so bored and remembered those days when I was still "the girl without the blog". I played on some game webs instead. And one of my favourite sites was this one, Game. I used to played dress-up games, and yesterday I took the love test. Well just curious of how it worked since I never took the test ever before :p And it came out the result as,

"You like each other, but maybe just as friends?"

LOL, I was like "Really, now?" :D Shut up, you bloody love test machine!


  1. Hahaha never works for me eather :P

    X Jenny

    1. I only believe love tests if the result comes out as I want :p

  2. ahahahahaha the days without a blog. :P
    i used to be on stardoll

    1. Really? :D I also loved Stardoll--the portraits there were so much alike and beautiful, but that was before they started to be so annoying lol

  3. Haha I remember websites like this!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, sure we can follow eachother, I've followed you, awaiting your follow back! ;)


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