November 07, 2012

Lady brown

New wallet from Dimitri. He has back to Stockholm now but this one arrived one day right before I go to school. A very vintage wallet from Holenka—a Swedish brand. Still don't know what's the meaning of those printed words tho :/ This is the first time I use vintage stuffs for my daily life. I'm not really into brown things actually—which I see better as "vintage stuffs". Well, I often look so old wearing this haha :D


  1. Wow it's soo cute! *A*
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  2. i like this picture!

  3. how cool! I love vintage and really like your new wallet ;)
    I wonder what words said :D

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    1. I only enjoy seeing people in vintage clothes, I don't really wear them. But I also sometimes collect vintage stuffs. It has to be really, really, really vintage to be in my collection ^^

  4. What it says on the wallet :3? If it's swedish I can translate it for you ;)? Can't see the text clearly ;)
    x, Lara

  5. Cuteeeee ;)))


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