November 23, 2012

Multiple feelings

Recently I've been listening to a lot of SJ's songs. Wow, such a record. Bow down to my chairmate, Fidel. I have many things to talk about but I won't post it before I get my memory card back kkkk~ Dad took it for some days just so you know, sigh -__- If you follow me through Twitter and Instagram, you must have known that I managed to learned hangul as well in addition to understand Ryeowook and Yesung's tweets lol. But hey, hangul is much easier than katakana and hiragana :D Anw, cheers for thanksgiving! :*

Meanwhile, lemme watch more Super Junior's funny videos from Fidel. Anyeong! ^^


  1. Don't just bow, you should bend on your knees and praise me MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Stop being anon, del =_= Just because you like EXO that much, doesnt mean you have to be blend in with their MAMA song... :|

  2. Love it ;)))

  3. Great post, interesting music! ♥ XOXO

  4. I love Super Junior too, especially Kyuhyun and Heechul :D
    But now i didn't too update about them


  5. thanks so much for your comment babe, yes im following now, please follow back as u said :))
    Talk to u soon !!!


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