November 25, 2012

Once I felt blessed

Fidel, Tri, Tiara, and Amel!

Yesterday I had the most freakin day so far in my life. It was a mixed-emotional day between happy, sad, nervous, and blessed. Jakuen had regeneration at school where all our senpai handed over their titles to their kohai—which by that means to us, me and my friends. Yesterday event was also to chose the next kaichou—Jakuen's leader. At first when I arrived at school, I had tons of nervous emotion because the candidates should promoted themselves and answered some questions given but luckily—yes, pretty much LUCK yesterday :p—I didn't get called and neither Fidel too :D We have the same phobia as called "stage fever" and to talk in front of public. That's a really big matter, I guess.

Me and Fidel took a lot of photos and with some additional helps from Amel and friends, we've successfully took more than just "a lot" of photos :D Happy wandering!

Fidel, my happy virus, getting ready before the event started

Hedi being the only handsome man haha :D

Nisa, Fidel, Amel, and Desi senpai, one of our alumni that came yesterday :)

Yudha and Sena, the only male members from our generation. No they're not dating, srsly

Aaaannnd here comes some stupid shots of my faces. Most of them are candid. But maybe you won't find the differences between those that were shot in purpose since I tend to did the same pose all the time :D

Soooo, at the end, Sena successfully became our kaichou, yaaaay! :D And fortunately I've taken a photo with him before the choosing even started. We then called the next couple when others saw this photo since he rarely do that pose lol xD I look terribly messy here since it was a very quick shot by Amel and I didn't manage to think any good pose so there you have it! ^^

My generation's members! 3 of us couldn't make it yesterday but still, we had so much fun! I know I made the right decision to joined back with the guild ahahah—now I sound like that brat in Fairy Tail huh? ;) Thank you so much Tiara for finally made it on time and sorry for both Hana and Inas, we were just playing around and pranked on you guys :p Congrats for Sena, I'm happy for you too! \^O^/ Actually there are still tons of photos that I wanna show but due to the hectic schedule I have right now, I might will do that later.

Mata raishu!

"Satu rasa, satu asa, kita satu, banzai, banzai, banzai!"


  1. waah jakuen? kaichou?? what was that Nava??
    look cool! kirain sekolah jepang hehe

    visit my little cream button♥

    1. Ekskul kak, kaichou itu leader kita :) Haha ga sih aku ga mungkin sekolah khusus jepang -,- Aku ga mahir nihon go lol xD

    2. kirain sekolah jepang hehe..
      ooh ekskul ternyata, ekskulnya tentang jepang?

    3. Sebetulnya sih mau banget, tapi sekolah Jepang persyaratannya banyak :O Yep, all things Japanese are being taught here ^^ Soalnya secondary language aku Jepang skrg~

  2. really amazing and cute photos!:)

    1. Thank you Veroooo *cups*

  3. Great blog, lovely post!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog

  4. seru banget ya kayaknya ^^

    1. Bangeeetttt *pake logat gaul* xD

  5. thanks for the comment and greeting, lovely post!

  6. WaDUH BINGung.......ewesewews
    salam blogger energy lah


  7. sounds like quite an intense day!

  8. Bisa bahasa indonesia kan ?.

    Gila keren banget mamen what shap beroo ... hehe ... XD

    Salam Kenal ae est hehe ... :D

    Selamat Bergabung di Blogger Energy :D

    1. Ahahahah apaan sih ini -,- Iya deh, thank's for the warm welcome Ryan!


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