November 11, 2012

Why bother to care?

Yes, why bother to care? Sometimes I wonder why people saying something naively to me. Like, "You shouldn't cheat," "Don't be too picky about friends," "You act like a boy, be feminine," "Don't be so ignorant," and so on. People keep on telling me things I don't like or I'm not used to and it makes me sick. I am ignorant, so what? I don't ask people to care or pay any attention on me, no. So that's why I become soooo ignorant over people. Idk, I'm just not that interested to know what's going on other people's life. Why bother to know? I've had enough problems by myself.

And about being naive, what's wrong with naive people? They talk like they know everything. This guy told me not to cheat. Well I didn't! I never cheated on exams! Since junior high school, I've stopped doing cheating. It tires me already! But he then told lots of people about it—which was a weird thing cuz it felt like he put hates toward me and used the "cheating rumours" to hit me back. His words were so naive that I couldn't stand not to laugh in tears. The worlds is just getting weirder :$

Welp, just a piece of my life. Oh and, cheers that ZAYN has finally repaired! Look at how smooth his screen now! I loooooveeee him so much! :*


  1. I think that there is nothing wrong in a naive person! Bu5t I hope that all people think like me!
    Kisses, Den.

  2. we've got the same agenda! ><


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