December 28, 2012


You know the feeling when you get christmas present right beside your bed in the morning? That's how I felt when I found this babies on my desk after bicycling the whole residence few days ago ㅋㅋㅋ :D New sling bag and my most awaited CD of Take Me Home, woohoo! My parents are being a good Santa this year ;) I can now listen to the CD for the whole day without getting any bored of it and I assure you, for non-Directioners out there, trust me this is just another masterpiece you might wanna listen before the real doomsday come xD And sometimes I should thank God for having mom like my mom—uh you got it?—cuz she's fucking great in getting stuffs in good bargain too! Christmas and new year sale is everywhere, I'm trying to catch more things on my wishlist with this sale. So tell, have you got any good things? ;)

Talk to you soon! xx

December 24, 2012

Quote of The Day

"Many people see me as a greedy girl because I spend too much money over 'unimportant' things. Truth is, I'm a teenager, and I'm a fangirl. I always try to live my life to the fullest. I may will spend another dollar for concerts, their albums, their posters, books, and stuffs that are related to them, and even a magazine with 1 headline of them. Truth is, don't stop doing something if money is the reason behind it. Because I believe in 1 law about money, if it's ours to be, then it will be. But if it's not, it still will. You just have to wait."

-Adinda Navartierre-

December 20, 2012

Through the eyes

2012 is getting near to the end. The TVs keep showing about the last Mayan's prediction about doomsday. But I still have a religion, and my religion teaches me not to believe in that kind of thing. Besides, it's not the "doomsday" that the Mayans have predicted. It's about the new beginning of human's era. And more over, I'm looking forward to it :D Back to the new year thingy, my dad told me once to write my new year's resolution somewhere in my journal, and they're usually about things I have to get or buy, not things I have to do to make me a better person haha! Oh well, to see what this year has been, this post will be dedicated to that :)

In this year, as I remember, I found my new best friend at high school, Tara in the very early year. And I am so blessed for that. There may times when we both were in awkward moments and I felt so down because people who see us together would compared our intelligence. She's for sure smarter than me in science subjects. But people have to admit it that I'm still the queen for all things creative and language *cough cough* ;) At least for 1 point in my life, I'm better than her—which is about my highly anticipated English conversation and my special "accent-imitating" lol. Having a friend like her keeps me motivated. I'm that one person who keeps on fire when I find others who are better than me. I don't have to be better than him or her, I just have to do my best and at least, be better than I used to. Thank's Tara, for keeping me doing all things positive and support me whenever I need you. Fangirling is nothing without you!

I have to admit the super power of any social medias have. Twitter has introduced me to One Direction in this case. And standing ovation for my curiousity, I'm so happy I clicked that name at that time. I used to be a very die hard Hooligans of Bruno Mars. But after I got to know the lads, I became super addictive Directioner. I know my music taste is periodically changing, but I guess I'll never get bored with this boyband.

I also took the most challenging time of my life by renewed my whole blog, NAVARTIERRE and changed it into Ginfragont—yep, the one that you're reading right now is still a baby! But as the time goes by, with the new blog I just started in this mid-year, I learned how to be a better blogger. I do more blogwalking everyday than I used to. I try to post every posts with English and stop mixing the language. I finally pick up a suitable topic for Ginfragont, and love how it grows into an international-rated blog until now. Blogging has trained my lazy habit, cuz I have to keep this blog updated and alive.

In this year also, God finally granted my wish to get new DSLR camera. My very own DSLR camera. It was a present from my parents because of my good scores, yahoo! :D I still remember when dad brought me to the store and introduced me with all cool cameras. He offered me lots of high-end cameras but my choices downed to Canon 600D. I believed it suited me best as a beginner in DSLR cameras :) And don't forget how I also lost my old Corazone phone, but 1 week afterwards it got replaced by Samsung Galaxy Wonder, oh yeah man! This mid year was the best I've ever had!

And last but not least, my days as social student in high school. I know I was right when I told my parents I would take the social major. Their thoughts were quite hard back then, but in the end, I proved to them that I'm capable for my choice, and responsible for it. I finally knew how it feels to be in the first class. And talking about the haengbok I got there, is asfjkdjfdfsjkdas xD I got to know about Super Junior and other Korean boybands, I know how to read hangul, and how to write them. Best of all, my eyes widely opened to Asian music. Kamsahamnida to Fidel :) You're the best Happy Virus, ever.

What I'm trying to say is, 2012 has been a dear year for me. Despite the "doomsday issue" that's quite annoying for me personally, my life has been so beautiful this year. There are times when I'm so down, but then many good things come one by one and boost my mood up. Now that I'm ready to face another new year where there will be no more repetitive days *cough cough* ;D Good evening!

December 19, 2012

Silent night

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Hi everyone! It's such a silent night and here I am in front of my computer, sitting alone without anyone accompanying. My only family is Elle, but that was before she gone forever... Okay, don't wanna be sad again. Promise I won't talk about losing her anymore ^^ Well, teenagers in Indonesia start making lists of what they wanna do for the holidays. I don't think I'm one of them. Whenever the holiday time approaching, I'll be that one kid who does nothing but to surf the internet all day. It's because my parents and I don't live in the same house and they often leave me for Jakarta - Athens. It's really hard to make plans because most of my plans don't really work due to my parents' unexpected business. I'm so envy them who have lots of spare time during holiday with their parents or other family relatives.

This condition has been happening for years and now I'm used to it. But still, I never stop asking God for my family to be united in 1 single holiday time. I miss my big brother and parents so much. Wish them all well :)

Good evening!

December 18, 2012

Shades of gold

It was all started from a random chat on midnight with my dad. On the way home in the car. He talked about how his workmate just had a newly born cats and offered my dad two of them. They were definitely twins. I was very happy to hear that. Been a very long time since I last had a pet to care. And so, days afterwards when my dad just got home from his office, I found a cage with two cute brown-slash-white fur cats right on my door step. Well, since I was a very stubborn Directioners back then—I still am a stubborn Directioners —so I named both of them, Danielle and Eleanore in honor of both Liam's and Louis' beautiful girlfriends.

But accident happened, and God decided to took Dani away from me and Elle.

Since then, I had always been a paranoid girl and over-protective about Elle. I never let her out of the house because the vehicles were too dangerous for her. But I knew one day she had to get out and feel the real feeling about being outside. She was a cat, after all. It was in her blood to feel the fresh air.

From the time you were being tied with a rope...

... we finally took you to a bath...

... those days you were so silly and lazy...

... and how strong you were, still tend to climb the tree though you felt so sick.

Oh, and not to forget the times when you slept on my desk without my permission :D

You have always been here, in my heart. I've always been thinking about you. Almost all the time. I dared myself to run under the rain just to save you and get you out of a place where you got stuck. I would take you to anywhere eventhough it tires me sometimes. I would bring you to my bed and slept with you eventhough I knew mom would get mad with that. Everything I would, because I loved you.

From the times you waited for me of getting back from school, I'll remember that.
The times when me and my brothers were having exams and you just there playing around all by yourself, I'll remember that.
The times you tried to 'meow' but you couldn't because you had a problem with you voice, I'll remember that.
The times when you struggled with my feet in the morning, tried to attract me, I'll remember that.
And the times when you woke me up on weekends... I'll remember that too...

But, there are just times that I wish to forget forever. That times when you were suffering so much and tried to fight back against the virus by yourself. Without anyone helping—even the doctor and all those medicines. All I can say is that God must love you so much, and He told me to just let things go by itself. But we've been together for 6 months. That's definitely a record and in that spare of time, I've made a lot of sweet and funny memories with you, Elle. If I have to let you go now, everything around me reminds me of you.

Everything. Reminds me, of you...

You had the ability to create happiness. And it'll make my heart torn apart to reminisce the good silly times we spent together. My family, mom, dad, big and little brother, even my neighborhood, other relatives, and friends—all with different perspectives about cats—have loved playing with you because you are special. A gift wrapped in a sapphire blue, purple, azure tribal pattern, and rainbow lines, with ombre ribbons of metallic silver and snow white... that's what you are to all of us.

That's what make you special.

Those little feet with pinkish pads on each, those shades of messy pattern on your body, the rings that create beautiful colours on your tail, and the loud voice you finally showed at the very end of your life, I'm gonna miss all those little things for sure.

Stay golden, Elle, because you have always been :)

Take a deep sleep, my dear Eleanore Navartierre. I love you. Always.

R.I.P - December the 17th, 2012.

December 14, 2012

Girl with no manners

Well you might wanna call me like that now. Why? You'll see at the end of this post.

So recently I joined up with a local blogging community called Blogger Energy that I thought was fun enough. I was so happy when the founder finally accepted me as one of the members and at that moment, I introduced myself using half Bahasa half English. I told them I'm not used to speak in Bahasa when writing on my blog nor in the Facebook group. At least, not that often except on short chats like on Twitter. Everytime we have discussion on Sunday, I always end up being a silent reader since I don't want to look like an "attention driver" if I comment on a topic using English. There's this feeling where I feel more comfortable when I write everything in English cuz I find modesty in it and, because I have more cool English vocabularies than Bahasa ones. But people would end up underestimating me and ignore me afterwards. I can understand that not every people get to know what I talk and I have to pay respect to those who slowly get my words. But what I've felt for several days being a "stranger" in this community just doesn't make sense.

Another matter, in BE, we have rules; if you want to promote your new blog post, you have to do blogwalking afterwards to the rest of the members who also promote their posts. I always, I repeat, always do blogwalking after I put my latest post there. I even have tried to comment each of them using Bahasa eventhough it's really nothing—I mean, my grammar must be wrong at some points but that's okay. I felt like there were 5 or 8 blogs I visited but the ones that came back to me were only 1 or 2. I don't know, is it because my blog posts are written in English or is it because they have no respect to me?

Today when I just reached home after getting back from school and checked out BE's Facebook wall, I read another comment from other member that was directed to me, saying I shouldn't do live link when I leave comments on his blog. He said it would make his blog's rank decreasing in Google SE. Dude, at least I commented and talked no shits about your blog post. Why can't you just say 'thank you' or 'visit me back' or even 'hey Nava, your blog is amazing as well!', like that?! I got really pissed.

I'm sure as hell his passion in blogging is nothing. Well, at least compared to mine. He can't respect how other would comment on his blog. And he didn't even pay me back a visit. He only care about his blog's page rank on Google, which is also depend on the visitors, which in other words, including ME as well. Oh is this how Indonesian people really are? Please, I didn't even understand what you talked back then but I kept on commenting cuz I thought you'd interested to hear my thoughts.

See? I told you, you'd end up calling me "girl with no manners" ;)

December 12, 2012

Wish upon a star

Collage by me, images from various source.

Wow, today is 12-12-12! :D I'm pretty much excited today. Well, nothing really good happens but the feeling that's been up in the air is good so there's no such reason not to be happy today ^^ Sorry for the mumbling. I'm still having my final exams and will be ended this Friday!!! Woohoo, can't wait till Friday so that I can have more spare time to work on my videos kkkk~

So anyway, as christmas is slowly coming to town, I've made up my simple wishlist this time, which I hope will be done one by one when it's christmas shopping time hehe :)
1. Take Me Home album! Haven't got the chance to go out and check music stores around downtown and the price is pretty much cheap so I guess mom would buy me this :D
2. New laptop~ I just need this. No more Mac, I don't like Mac. I need THIS from HP.
3. Yep, I'm still waiting for my own Cambridge Satchel.
4. Christian Louboutin's to-die-for-at-least-for-me shoes.
5. Samsung hard-disk. Since Fidel taught me of how important it is to collect videos from YouTube, I need my own large space to keep my fangirl stuffs, ranging from 1D, to SJ ;)
6. This spike cap trended a while ago but who cares? It still rocks my face off.
7. WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR HARRY. I've told dad I needed this baby so much but he said just in the mean time, I should enjoy my standard lens a little longer geez! He just doesn't know how perfect my photos are when I shoot with this little baby OMGD...
8. Kind of obvious I'm a music person. And walking at random street wearing this on my head would be soooo forking perfect haha. Probably there'll be any SM Ent. management that interested with my style?

So that's all my current wishlist. What's yours? :)

December 10, 2012

Until one has loved an animal

If you're a loyal reader of mine since the beginning, you must've known that Eleanore had a twin, named Danielle. But one day when I just got home from Jakarta for seeing my parents, the neighbours told me that Dani had just died. She was being crashed by a taxi. My knees were so weak and I could have fallen to the ground but then Elle came upon me, running with her little feet and I hugged her tight.

Elle has something wrong with her voice which makes her can't "meow" normally. She only does when she needs help or hungry or she's in danger. So one day I bought her a collar with bells, just so that wherever she goes, everytime I hear a "cring... cring", I'll always know it's her. The first time I let her out of the house was like how a mother's feeling letting go of her virgin goes out with her friends alone without parents. I was afraid she would get hit by another vehicles. But as you can see, Elle still with me now :)

Yesterday I took her to the pet shop and got her some medicines. Elle has been suffering for days. She often throw up her foods when I'm not around and it makes her tummy empty. Seeing the doctor took care of her and forced myself to see it all right before my eyes just tore my heart apart.

You're the love of my life, Eleanore Navartierre :* Please, be well!

"Until one has loved an animal, one's soul remains unawaken."

-Leo Tolstoy-

December 02, 2012

Carry it on


New phone skin from Sevieyana! :D I've been writing a bunch of my wishlist items since months ago and I guess I can say that I'm fortunate enough because I can slowly finish them one by one :) As you can see the main star here in this post this time is my lovely, uber cool phone, ZAYN. Yesterday I happily received it and today, I sticked those beautiful prints on ZAYN's body. Many people said that getting your gadgets a skin would make it looked messy. But after I get myself one, look how fierce my phone is! :D I am sooo happy. I'm sure as hell gonna rock all my gadgets more! Go get yourself one here! They sell super affordable skins, handmade shoes, tights and cameras~

You can see my addiction for union jack patterns here ;) I'm thinking of getting new clothes or simply crop tee with union jack patterns too! ^^