December 02, 2012

Carry it on


New phone skin from Sevieyana! :D I've been writing a bunch of my wishlist items since months ago and I guess I can say that I'm fortunate enough because I can slowly finish them one by one :) As you can see the main star here in this post this time is my lovely, uber cool phone, ZAYN. Yesterday I happily received it and today, I sticked those beautiful prints on ZAYN's body. Many people said that getting your gadgets a skin would make it looked messy. But after I get myself one, look how fierce my phone is! :D I am sooo happy. I'm sure as hell gonna rock all my gadgets more! Go get yourself one here! They sell super affordable skins, handmade shoes, tights and cameras~

You can see my addiction for union jack patterns here ;) I'm thinking of getting new clothes or simply crop tee with union jack patterns too! ^^


  1. OMg that is so cute!! Could you please consider following each other?

  2. lovely blog.

  3. very cool cover! I'm obsessed with union jack as well!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

    P.P.S. following you on bloglovin - you're doing a great job

  4. thank you for visiting my blog! I like your blog and I'm your follower now :--) follow me back dear!

  5. Love that cover! Of course we can follow each other, I'm following you now!
    -Coreena xx

  6. i love the cover!!
    would love to follow each other as you asked.
    followig you via gfc.follow back soon and keep in touch :)


  7. that`s a cool phone skin :)

  8. i can see you love england. me too, i love union jack. i use the same phone skin on my blackberry :)


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