December 24, 2012

Quote of The Day

"Many people see me as a greedy girl because I spend too much money over 'unimportant' things. Truth is, I'm a teenager, and I'm a fangirl. I always try to live my life to the fullest. I may will spend another dollar for concerts, their albums, their posters, books, and stuffs that are related to them, and even a magazine with 1 headline of them. Truth is, don't stop doing something if money is the reason behind it. Because I believe in 1 law about money, if it's ours to be, then it will be. But if it's not, it still will. You just have to wait."

-Adinda Navartierre-


  1. it's a beautiful quote!:)

  2. I see it... some people mock me too, talk behind me, cause I spent much money for buy something -they think it's not important-, cause I'm a fangirl too, a big fans of Bigbang, so I bought many CDs, DVDs etc about them too, and yeah I love shopping. Even my parents ok with it, so why they still see me weirdly?
    I didn't understand how they think, its our life, right, Nava?
    *sorry for a quite long post ^^*


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