December 18, 2012

Shades of gold

It was all started from a random chat on midnight with my dad. On the way home in the car. He talked about how his workmate just had a newly born cats and offered my dad two of them. They were definitely twins. I was very happy to hear that. Been a very long time since I last had a pet to care. And so, days afterwards when my dad just got home from his office, I found a cage with two cute brown-slash-white fur cats right on my door step. Well, since I was a very stubborn Directioners back then—I still am a stubborn Directioners —so I named both of them, Danielle and Eleanore in honor of both Liam's and Louis' beautiful girlfriends.

But accident happened, and God decided to took Dani away from me and Elle.

Since then, I had always been a paranoid girl and over-protective about Elle. I never let her out of the house because the vehicles were too dangerous for her. But I knew one day she had to get out and feel the real feeling about being outside. She was a cat, after all. It was in her blood to feel the fresh air.

From the time you were being tied with a rope...

... we finally took you to a bath...

... those days you were so silly and lazy...

... and how strong you were, still tend to climb the tree though you felt so sick.

Oh, and not to forget the times when you slept on my desk without my permission :D

You have always been here, in my heart. I've always been thinking about you. Almost all the time. I dared myself to run under the rain just to save you and get you out of a place where you got stuck. I would take you to anywhere eventhough it tires me sometimes. I would bring you to my bed and slept with you eventhough I knew mom would get mad with that. Everything I would, because I loved you.

From the times you waited for me of getting back from school, I'll remember that.
The times when me and my brothers were having exams and you just there playing around all by yourself, I'll remember that.
The times you tried to 'meow' but you couldn't because you had a problem with you voice, I'll remember that.
The times when you struggled with my feet in the morning, tried to attract me, I'll remember that.
And the times when you woke me up on weekends... I'll remember that too...

But, there are just times that I wish to forget forever. That times when you were suffering so much and tried to fight back against the virus by yourself. Without anyone helping—even the doctor and all those medicines. All I can say is that God must love you so much, and He told me to just let things go by itself. But we've been together for 6 months. That's definitely a record and in that spare of time, I've made a lot of sweet and funny memories with you, Elle. If I have to let you go now, everything around me reminds me of you.

Everything. Reminds me, of you...

You had the ability to create happiness. And it'll make my heart torn apart to reminisce the good silly times we spent together. My family, mom, dad, big and little brother, even my neighborhood, other relatives, and friends—all with different perspectives about cats—have loved playing with you because you are special. A gift wrapped in a sapphire blue, purple, azure tribal pattern, and rainbow lines, with ombre ribbons of metallic silver and snow white... that's what you are to all of us.

That's what make you special.

Those little feet with pinkish pads on each, those shades of messy pattern on your body, the rings that create beautiful colours on your tail, and the loud voice you finally showed at the very end of your life, I'm gonna miss all those little things for sure.

Stay golden, Elle, because you have always been :)

Take a deep sleep, my dear Eleanore Navartierre. I love you. Always.

R.I.P - December the 17th, 2012.


  1. I'm sorry about this. She was a really adorable kitty. I hope you feel better soon. :D Also, thank you for stopping by my blog. I would definitely love for us to follow each other. :D


    1. Thank you so much, Carrie :) It's been really hard for me to say goodbye with Elle. Nights become colder than ever and I'm hardly fall asleep. But I know things will get better, hopefully soon ^^

      Followed yours anw! :D

  2. I cried the..cute kitten.

  3. I cried the..cute kitten.

  4. poop little angel !!!! i am very sorry for your loss !!!

  5. am sorry for your loss sweetie , try to get another cat maybe you will feel more better & less sad !
    am following your lovely blog now , hope you will follow back


  6. Omg, this kitty is so cutee!


  7. Im so sorry for your loss, love! i lost my little doggy last year to an accident to i know how you feel! <3 Love your blog nonetheless,
    I'm a newbie & I'm following you now, do follow me back? :)
    Much Love,


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