December 10, 2012

Until one has loved an animal

If you're a loyal reader of mine since the beginning, you must've known that Eleanore had a twin, named Danielle. But one day when I just got home from Jakarta for seeing my parents, the neighbours told me that Dani had just died. She was being crashed by a taxi. My knees were so weak and I could have fallen to the ground but then Elle came upon me, running with her little feet and I hugged her tight.

Elle has something wrong with her voice which makes her can't "meow" normally. She only does when she needs help or hungry or she's in danger. So one day I bought her a collar with bells, just so that wherever she goes, everytime I hear a "cring... cring", I'll always know it's her. The first time I let her out of the house was like how a mother's feeling letting go of her virgin goes out with her friends alone without parents. I was afraid she would get hit by another vehicles. But as you can see, Elle still with me now :)

Yesterday I took her to the pet shop and got her some medicines. Elle has been suffering for days. She often throw up her foods when I'm not around and it makes her tummy empty. Seeing the doctor took care of her and forced myself to see it all right before my eyes just tore my heart apart.

You're the love of my life, Eleanore Navartierre :* Please, be well!

"Until one has loved an animal, one's soul remains unawaken."

-Leo Tolstoy-


  1. I wish for Elle to get better. I know how you feel. My cat is my most comforting companion and it would make me extremely worried if I see him ill.

  2. So cute!


  3. Oww :3
    What a cute cat n.n

  4. Lovely cat!! <3 :)
    Following you. Xo

  5. that's so heartbreaking about your first cat :( horrible.

    this little one is super cute i love how she's stretched out taking over your desk!


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