June 27, 2012

Quote of The Day

"I think you could fall in love with anyone if you saw the parts of them that no one else gets to see. Like if you followed them around invisibly for a day and you saw them crying in their bed at night or singing to themselves as they make a sandwich or even just walking along the street and even if they were really weird and had no friends at school, I think after seeing them at their most vulnerable you wouldn't be able to help falling in love with them."


June 21, 2012

Storylabs: Dance With Me

Sophia Crawford is definitely NOT a skater. Unlike her older sister, Diana Crawford who is more like a pro in this skating stuffs. Though Sofie always come to her sister's skating tournament and often get the chance to sees Diana practicing at Blossom, she still can't figure it out how to stay still on ice. One day, when the Crawfords are moving out to their new place, Sofie dropped her Mac right on Diana's feet and it causes big black and blue bruises. Not a big problem if the national skating tournament isn't about to begin only in a month! And as for the sake of her sister, Sofie takes over her place and started to practice her under level skating only in one month. Can she make it? ;)

Story based on works by Adinda Navartierre.

LITTLE NOTE: Went on Yahoo! and found this creepy news in Bahasa that Zayn is getting bullied because he posted something related to moslem things and some English bloggers see it as 'a bad influence'. They said that Zayn's using his fame to spread moslem through his fans :( How come??? But I love how Directioners can actually respect his religion :) We're afterall a big one family, right? So thank you, thank you so much for standing up for Zayn! :* Much love from me, sweet Directioners...

June 20, 2012

Facts about me

Image via WeHeartIt.

Guess I'm gonna post one before I left again for the next few hours for my class' match. I'm gonna take a lot of pictures and get them documented—because that's what I always do, y'all. Cameras and videos and film rolls are my things and I don't regret it just because I don't get involved in the game. It's all about how I enjoy what I do, right? ;) As for now, I've been thinking to post thousands of facts about me—and probably I'll update this post in the near future. And here we go...

+ I'm a happy 16th years old girl.
+ I hate people.
+ I don't like wearing lipstick or any other kind of make-ups since it causes acne on my face.
+ I can be a sneaker-woman and heels-woman at the same time.
+ I cried all night when heard that Zayn went on a relationship with Perrie Edwards.
+ I jumped in the air when I knew that Zayn is a moslem.
+ I used to hate Bruno Mars. Now I'm a die-hard Hooligans.
+ I'm no good in any English written test and my grammar is as bad as hell. But when it comes to conversation, you'll find me as a truly British lady.
+ When I'm talking to someone in English and get stucked cuz I don't know what to say, I close my eyes and think about random words from the dictionary, and then they'll flow in through my mouth so I can continue talking in English without being slipped.
+ And yes, I read dictionary of foreign languages on my free time like Japanese, Germany, Swedish, Russian, and of course, English.
+ I hate K-POP so damn much.
+ I'm more like an indie girl in my class for music. Whilst other loving K-POP, I stand out in the crowd as Western's songs' loyal fans.
+ I'm the only one in my family who is able to speak in English. Dad has a good basic for conversation, but believe me you wouldn't want to hear him talking in English...
+ I just set a record as the highest score in English written test in my class. And I've never failed even for once for the whole first year of senior high.
+ I ever waited for a boy to fell in love with me for a half year.
+ Whenever I promise to eat my Skittles one by one, I end up taking the whole shits...
+ I'm a coffee mad addict.
+ I don't like Owl City, Coldplay, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Justin Bieber—or whoever related to him.
+ I'd rather using symbian phone than android ones.
+ My Samsung Corby is having her 3rd birthday this year.
+ I can run in Louboutins.
+ I used to ate a lot of foods when I was a kid. Now I've got the full control of my starves.
+ I can type even without looking on the keyboard.
+ I play grand piano.
+ I don't like shirtless models or boys.
+ I don't like Freja Beha or Abbey Lee. They're too skinny as a human being.
+ I'm stupid for downloading any software.
+ I'm no good in Photoshop.
+ I don't really look beautiful when it comes to self-portrait.... with my friends.
+ I like primary colors and black.
+ I swear a lot.
+ I used to get bullied cuz I had no famous look.
+ I love Miley's golden hair and its shades.
+ My chair-mate has always been a non-moslem this past few years.
+ I love typographies and sometimes I feel like wanna be a room-designer.
+ Ilene is my favorite life blogger forever.
+ I start liking someone who has U as his initial. Guess who?

Now that I'm going to working as a photographer once again, please enjoy this post as much as I am. If you have any posts like this, please leave the link in the comment box so that I can read it. That would be fun! :)


June 17, 2012

Quote of The Day

"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect, you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze, and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there."

-Bob Marley-

June 16, 2012

Gerye nakon

Image from WeHeartIt.

We both cried before you left. Today you told me there is no point of us being together because we live so far apart and you don't want me to suffer without you. It's so sad that you gave up on us when I have not given up on you, not even once. You said this is life, and this is destiny. Then I tell you now it's fate that bring us together and destiny is in our hands. We can choose to defy it but you have made a choice to let me go without even trying...

Each night before we go to bed, you will ask me how much do I love you. I am not smart, maths can't do the calculation, science can't give me a logical answer, art can't paint my feelings but I love you more than myself. You are my heartbeat. Is that not enough for you?

I turned my back against the world to be with you, now the world is laughing at me because they said I told u so...

I will miss your dimple when you smile, your blue eyes, the time you made me soup in the middle of the night when I was sick, the mornings when we woke up and brush our teeth together, the time when you stood in front me when we are waiting for the train so other boys won't look at me, your face when I saw you cried for the first time. 

You make me believe I am beautiful even when I have messy hair, with no make up on and my eyes are fill with tears.

I am clumsy, I always tripped and fall, I bumped into things, I dropped everything, I like to walk around the house with wet feet. You say at times I can be so stupid, you said I was childish because everytime we fought, I always close my eyes and won't look at you when you are trying to talk to me. How can I live without you now? Please tell me...

....how could you.... walk away like this...?

Second film

Probably can be called as the second film. You can see the first one here. I love grayscale—yes, I've already said it a thousand years ago—and vignettes mode. It gives me a lil bit of LOMO touch when the 4 corners are being darken or blurred out. What do you think? :)

When you would catch a grenade

Images from: Vanilla Fireworks!

I know this song quite long. Found it from 4shared several months after its been released in US and directly fall in love with it! Oh the lyrics, I'm instantly crying! And after my friend showed me the video clip. Gah! Can't found any better than this. Yea yeah I admit, there's personal reason why I love this song. This song fits my current condition! Ha-ha-ha. You should download it along with: Her World Goes On, The Other Side, Move On, Talking To The Moon, Lazy Song, Again, Runaway, Count On Me, Marry You... etc! They gonna rock your boring time. Hell yeah!!! \m/


Music to my ears

I know, I know it's been TOO late since my birthday party. And unfortunately, I couldn't find the photos. It must have slipped somewhere. So I'll just post my late birthday gifts that I got from my parents today. I don't exactly fancy listening to Lady Gaga. Don't get me wrong. She's a great singer! Some of her songs happen to be the catchiest song I've ever heard, but then the other songs just don't get me dance on the floor. But boy I was just a normal teenager who wants to own anything her friends have. One of my friends brought her album to the class some days ago and it looked so cool that the entire class couldn't stop touching it lol. So I told my parents I wanted that album.

The Bruno Mars album, is a whole different story. I used to hate this man. Believe me, that hatred was so clear. But I've always had this habit of hating something/someone without making any effort to at least get to know more about it. I happened to heard the song, Grenade being played at the bookstore and I asked my friend who sings it. She told me it was Bruno. Why... does it have to be the man I told the world I hate him. I secretly asked my parents too to buy the album, teehee. Turns out all the songs are sooo ear-friendly! He's a very great singer, looking forward to listening to his other songs outside the album! :)

First film

Here are the first set of photos that were taken when I first got my DSLR about a year and a half ago. It's a Sony Optical SteadyShot DSC W270 which has a really simple feature for mini DSLRs. Sorry for the blurry photos. At first when I got it, my dad said I should compressed the megapixels to made it easier for the photos to be uploaded. Not much to say when I did it, the photos came out bad... You can see that I've been a B/W lover for quite long times. It gives me a timeless result :)

June 13, 2012


Image via WeHeartIt, typoed by me.

Reading // The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore. My friend, Ayu gave me the chance to borrowed it and so I did read it. She also showed me the first sequel, I am Number Four—yes, people, that movie with Alex Pettyfer in it! Both can give me goosebumps and I must say, in the last part of I am Number Four, I cried and hated that book because Henry get died in a war because of he had to protect John. I hate scenes like that. I mean, come ooonnnn, Henry reminds me with my dad! He's too good to be deleted from that book!

Watching // Umm, are YouTube videos can be called as 'watching'? I haven't touched my TV for ages :$

Anticipating  // The very first time my Japanese club's Bunkasai :) Do come!

Laughing about // How Adit and Ojan said all the words upside-down and it made the whole class laughed in tears xD Those two can't be any crazier than this!

Listening to // First, Payphone by Maroon 5. I like the overall songs but always skip Wiz Khalifa's part. Though the MV seems quite unrelated with the song LOL. Second, Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia. I heard it on a radio and asked my friend what song was that and he said it was Titanium. I wasn't really sure that it was David Guetta's song because from what I heard, the singer was a woman :D Third, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Not much to say, I love it since the first line of the song :x Fourth, Blue Night by MLTR. OLD SONG, I KNOOOOWW!!! But who cares? It hits me every night, folks~ Fifth, Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye. I just don't like the tune and how creepy it could be. But I admit that it moves my feet like crazy. Sixth, Got Me Good by Cody Simpson. Though I'm a longtime Cody's fan, I can't stop listening to his new songs. His voice isn't as cheesy as the first time I heard him singing so it really worth it :)

Eating // Emm, this kind of chocolate crisp with chocolate sauce within from Oishi. I was going to take the picture but as always, I forgot. This has been keeping me alive for several days and I surely will need more of them—just to make sure their crispiness is crispy.

Working on // Making more high-quality typographies and use my own pictures :) For all this time, I only provide typos and quotes, not the pictures. It's been hard for me because my camera isn't always on the good mood to cooperate and beautiful moments are rarely happen around my neighbourhood :x

Wishing // I can smoothly make it to grade 11 and get into Social class! Also, to have a boyfriend...

This post is inspired by Ilene. And as what she has written on her pst, "If you write up your own "Currently" post, I'd love to see it so be sure to leave it the comments so that I can check it out, too!"

June 11, 2012

Quote of The Day

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep. Because reality is finally better than your dreams."


Lifes, dreams, chances, loves

Image from here.

So recently I've stucked with Avril Lavigne's old song, I'm With You. I ever heard the song somewhere a few years ago but when I tried to captured the tunes with my phone (Samsung Corby has the "it" features which I love so much cuz it often helps me in kind of this situation), the song ended. I always had no chance to figured out the title until I heard it again when me and Ajeng went to a mall last Thursday. With all of a sudden, I grabbed my phone and let it syncronized the song. So voila! It's I'm With You... :)

Anyway, last night I had such dream. Remember about my old-time crush, Tiaro? I think I missed him last night. I don't know, he suddenly appeared in my dream last night and all of the scenes were so.... real. I mean, really real. At first I was talking with Ajeng at my dream, we were sitting under the desk because there wasn't any teacher in the class and as always, we talked what girls love to talk about. And then I saw Tiaro walked in front of me and tried to hide myself from him. I was so stupid as always but when I thought he's gone, Ajeng said he's just sitting right behind me...

I screamed because nothing. I heard myself to get him away from there, from me. He kept on silent and I became panic in every second afterwards. And then he moved to my right side and sat. I still don't know how or why, but I felt like I knew he was smiling at me. At the next second I could feel that he said like this, "I don't want to go. I came here because I wanted to see you. I feel like wanna show you some things that you might like,". And ohmyfuckinggod I was like asdfghjkl and he made me like poiuytrewqmnbvcxz!!! I braved myself to stared through his eyes and he showed me everything he had. Like, tons of dreamy gadgets, my favourite movies, songs, novels, shoes, and etc. And at the end, he kissed me...

Even until now, I don't know how to react if I meet with the real Tiaro in real life.

The day, the paper, and the sophomore

Such a perfect time for having a sweet date with my internet, mwehehehe. This time I'm gonna finish the unfinished promises. Remember that one thing I've promised to you guys since the very beginning... BUSINESS DAY'S PHOTOBOOK! Damn like crazy, the event itself was thousands of years ago held, and I just have the chance to post it here, now -__- Well, the first thing I always faced on is: how will I upload the photos? I mean, I can only upload them by my laptop and since mid-2011, my laptop wasn't able to connected to the PC's internet connection and that made me having another battle with the laptop's modem. But thank's a lot to my dad, somehow the internet connection through my laptop has back again and I don't have to worry about it again. So, as I've promised before, here are the photos!

The main aim of Business Day was just to gave the students the experiences of economic trading so we can slowly get used to it. Well, at least that's what I thought about. Because of my class, X.6 had no sure final decision to or not to opened any stands there, I decided to just joined with my Jakuen's stand. Actually, I was nothing but unofficial photographer for them. I even had no different with a broken iron because I was the only one who can freely walking from one stand to another. Hell... You can't imagine how hot it was!

Ochang and her stuffs. I bought one of the yummies :9

Jadi, gue hari itu datang sbg seseorang yg "wow". Know why? Because with my Pramuka outfits I wore that day, I felt like very outstanding, which I think I was.... Gue gatau ternyata boleh pake baju bebas yg seharusnya momen itu bisa gue manfaatin lebih baik lagi -__- Gue paling seneng kalo ada acara sekolah dan dibolehin pake baju bebas (walau seharusnya pake batik but whatevah). Gue dgn tampang polos masuk ke area lapangan dan langsung gedeg liat pemandangan orang2 pke baju bebas! Knp gada yg ngasitau gueee??? K-E-N-A-P-A??? Knp oh knp?? Padahal anak2 JC lainnya pada dikasihtau :( Tp gpp laah. Itung2 gue udh jd makhluk unik di Business Day, wokwokwok :D

Thank God I found Mila was seating there on Ikrema's stand, watching over Nando *pffft...* And because I was the only one who wore 'different' outfit that day, I decided to borrow her denim jacket to cover up everything -__-

Tara and me, we both are love of the life for (she) Kaki Indah and (me) Tangan Otot wkwk.

Adit and Ojan - bimaho *eh Haha, just kidding :D

From left: Aulia, Gilang, me, and Widya :)

Itu kamera di atas bukan punya gue, tp punya Widya -__- Gue cuma nyoba2 doang krn kepo kyk gimana hasilnya. Untungnya sih gada yg rusak, wkwk. Afterall sih, acaranya keren. Baru kali ini gue seneng ada pensi dll di sekolah. Mungkin krn sebelumnya di 16 ga pernah ada dan kalopun ada pasti ancur2an wokwok ._.v Peace laah. Yg gue suka bukan inti acaranya, tp mengabadikan momen2nya! Yak, krn entah knp gue seneng motoin orang. Entah itu orang atau makhluk lainnya juga gpp yg penting bisa jadi objekan :p

Terus habis acara pensinya udh selesai, saatnya ngambil rapot! Nah, ini yg paling bikin gue rada2. Tadinya sih gue hampir mati berdiri nungguin hasil rapot gue keluar, tp ternyata nilai UAS kali ini ga pengaruh sama kelas krn semuanya bakal dikembaliin ke kelas awal (Y)! Dari semua anak X.9 yg udh pada ngambil rapot, gue jelas paling terkesima sama punya 2 maho ini *eh Adit sama Ojan entah knp mereka berdua sama2 gada yg remed satupun. SATUPUN! Bandingin sama gue yg remed 6 dan 3 di antaranya pelajaran sub IPA -___- Jelas lah yaa, pantes mereka betah dokem di X.1 melulu, haha!

The 'innocent' young boy... ¬_¬

More photos on my Facebook!

There are days...

There are days my voice mailbox is full... but I have no energy to listen to them.

There are days I want to be a cooking wiz... but then I remember how much I don't like cooking.

There are days I want to throw out all of my clothes and start new... but then I remind myself I have no money.

There are days I feel pretty... and some where I don't.

There are days I dream of being someone's girl... but then I remember I'm single.

There are days I feel lonely... so I call a good friend. 

There are days I'm inspired... but I don't follow through.

There are days I don't want to pray... and those nights I don't sleep so well.

There are days that I don't want to get out of bed... so I don't, and that's okay too.

There are days I want to cry... so I cry, and I feel much better.

There are days where all I want to do is laugh... so I do, and those days are really good.

There are days I want to blog... but I have nothing to say.

There are days... and then there's today.

What to watch: Ghost Rider 2

Last February the 25th, me and my 2 friends watched this crazy, amazing movie, Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance (hope it's the right typing). I've been adoring this movie since I watched the first sequel of it, and I still remember it was on 2010's new year's night, on Trans TV. Along with the Ghost Ship movie too! Nicolas Cage is so funny, hilarious, and his act in this movie is totally incredible! I also love the fire effects when he turns into the most handsome rider in burned-up skeleton :3 And the good thing is... there's no kissing or any other inappropriate scenes for teenagers just like the first one! So yeah, I definitely love Mr. Cage and thank you so much for Marvel or Mark Steven Johnson for making this story. I love you, Johny Blaze.... Oh, and Danny too. If you've watched it, you'll understand it!

I know Mr. Cage will never disappoint me. He's too good to do that! Eventhough he ever had some problems with the authority, it won't make me be his hater. I'll always support him no matter what. Go, my big rider!

June 10, 2012

You make me go asdfghjkl

I know this is stupid and many other bloggers will get mad to me because I post my personal life too much but I just can't hold it! On my previous post, I told you how I have a moron habit by doing marathon from my crushes, right? Now I don't know how to react tomorrow at Monday when we're gonna meet again—I hope we don't cuz I really really haven't ready yet! Well, yesterday when I was surfing in the internet customizing this new blog, I got a message. At first I thought it was from Tara and she'd ask about the upcoming exam tomorrow. But when I looked at the screen, it was written: HISNAME

Get the whole shit outta my fat ass.

I was like asdfghjkl and at that time, I was running out of my pulse! :O I was left alone at home and I didn't think I've got money to buy pulse. So I tried to ignore it. Seconds, minutes, I couldn't help it! I grabbed all the money I had and rushed to the nearest shop and because of I was in panic, I bought the 25 pulse, without thinking what should I eat then. After I've got pulse, I replied his message and pretend that I didn't know who he was. But after a stupid "guess-who" section, he gave up and told me he was HISNAME. Again, I pretended to get shocked and sent him all the stupid-shocking messages that I think, don't really sound real. I just hope he doesn't realize it...

Then things went so smooth afterwards. We talked about random things and unlike in real life, I can talk to him everything I want without being scared or like always, run away from him. I can be myself and I swear, I guess I talked too much to him rather than what he have seen in real life :D It was just a stupid and unimportant conversations which can be says, full of shits but who cares???

That just means a universe for me :)

Quote of The Day

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft."

-Bill Gates-



I always run away from my crushes, almost like doing marathons :x That's world's first problem. Truth is, I don't know how to hold my emotions when I suddenly bumped into them. It just flows in on my head and the next second, I become a wild animal. I got 3 close friends in this case and they're my crush's best friend too. So it's easier for me to get in touch with him. Still, no one can really heal my "marathon-phobia" :$

He's sweet, nice, easygoing, and talkative. When the first time he said hi to me, I ran away. But he didn't mad—more over, he loved it. He said I was so funny. But at that time, he didn't know the real reason why did I run away from him.

The reason? It's more than complicated. So I've never known this guy before. I knew him just a few days ago. Me and my friends had our art class outdoor and then he came up with his friends to said hello to my friend--not to me. Actually I ever said a joke to my friend that I really want to get his attention. It was just a joke, really. But she took it serious. So she told him all the things I said to her and it happened. He said hi to me.

It was really cute! I felt so wonderful like I was the only girl in this world and for the first time ever, I was happy to be myself! :D But I couldn't hold my emotions because of very flattered so I covered up my face and just waved at him. Then when the school was over, we met again at the lobby and he waved at me but I ran away. It was so fast and I didn't even realize it! I had goose-bumps and laughed alot afterwards :D

The real problems showed up at the next day. When I went to had our lunch with my friends, we met again. He smiled and waved to me and like before, I ran away agin. He laughed and chased me, tried to catch me and ask what’s wrong with me. I kept on running and yelling at him like, go away! You kind of scared me! :D Then when I've already exhausted, he sat next to me and asked me—still in laughter. Suddenly my tears started dropping and I couldn't help but cover them up with my hands. That's just stupid. I wasn't sad or angry or mad. But I was happy. When I'm happy, I'm gonna cry and that's what people sometimes misunderstand from me. My friends came up and they explained everything how actually I ran away from him because I liked him.

Yes, people, when I like someone, I run away from them everytime I meet them.

Thank God he didn't mad at all! He even showed his interest to me days afterwards! :D He's really kind, I knew it!

But I just don’t know if I'll run away from him everytime we meet again. Somebody help...?

Just something I made

It's weird, blogging on Sunday night. Well it's not, I should believe it this time. Because now, it's time for wolly dolly holiday!! ^O^ How's your holiday, guys? Eventhough I haven't celebrate it yet, but my BFF forever does ;) She is going to spend the whole holiday at Bali, unlike me. I'll just sit down all day in front of the computer, surfing the internet, reblogging on Tumblr, play The Sims Social on Facebook etc. Sometimes I wonder if I can be a christian for a day :D I'll buy a big christmas tree, put a lot of accessories on it, buy myself dreamy gifts which in the end I'll open it and pretend to be surprised.... fuck society ._.

But whatsoever, about today's post, I finally made it! My own complicated GIF! Why I call it as 'complicated'? Becaus it does need lots of strength for me to made this. And the guts to do...

It was quite hard to made this. First of all, I had to download all those JC Litas pictures from Solestruck (for the right part) and Google (for the left part). Then I combine them and add my credit on the left side one by one. After that, I stitched them into one with Photoscape 3.5 and voila! THIS :D

Wouldn't you say, old chap?

About two weeks ago, on March 27th, I was sitting like stupid inside the class, bored of the english lesson and almost fell asleep because of that. As always, Mrs. Asdar talked unimportant thing and homeworks so I didn't really pay attention at her. That was until Mrs. Rahma entered the class and called my name...

Really, it was such a surprise. I didn't know about it before and oh, wow, it was awesume! :) I was selected as one of the 5 choosen 10th grade student to be in Jakarta Post's workshop along with Erika, Gerald, and Nispram v^^v Well, they're not my close friend so we rarely talked that day but it was an honor for me! I mean, there were 13 classes of 10th grader and I was among the choosen?! :D How do you call that, huh? ;) The best of all is that I got a certificate (also their official badge and a cutey pen) from them, yay! My mom said this certificate can be used for various things. Probably can work out for the next 2 years? :)

For you guys who don't know what's so special about Jakpost's workshop, lemme tell you: Jakpost is an Indonesian newspaper writen in English and has been serving us around many years ago. Reported in such an up-to-date news style and packed in different spaces like, there's a special part for teenagers like YouthSpeak newspaper, enjoy your weekends with Sunday Post, etc. Not to say that by reading English newspaper, we can automatically trained to speak in English too. Like, when you find any difficult words, you'll tend to search the meaning.

Thank you for the chance, Jakarta Post! Honor!