January 06, 2013

한극어로 말해 주세요

안녕하세요, 어서 오세요~

Oh, finally can touch my blog again after several days having quite lazy time on the bed xD Just the time when I went home from ice skating, my brother got dizzy and flu. And as always, the rest of the people at house will be infected soon or later. Including me as well, sheez. Now I'm getting better than 2 days ago. I supposed to came along with mom and dad to a wedding party but finally had to stay at home cuz of the very bad flu and dizzy I got. I ended up being nerd by reading these books...

Hyung's little notebook. It's a go-everywhere Korean dictionary :D

Tomorrow school will start again so I won't have much time to update my blog. I'll be back to my first class on Social 2, separated with my hyung hiks--her former class is Social 1. That means no more secret fangirling in between times, no more hangul class, no more laughing, no more homeworks done together at class kkk~ So hyung left me these books and I should read them all in my holidays. I've tried, but didn't help at all. I need my hyung!!! >,< I really want to surprise her when I get to see her at school but it's almost impossible to study hangul without any tutor. But still, 한극어를 배우고 싶어요!

Ah, nevermind. Please ignore this post xD 또 뵙겠어요, 고마워요, 사랑해요! ^^


  1. wow, a true fan of korea, huh? awesomeeee :D


  2. I'm also a fan of SuJu!<3 But my fav is SHINEE<3 :D

    I hope you take care of your flu! and have a great first day at school.


  3. Hoaaa! Do you try to learn korean by yourself?
    I mean without taking any courses?
    Brilliant! Is it work?
    I'm not an elf but I'm dying to go to Korea, but they say it's better if we know a few phrase in korean
    I hope you can give me some tips to learn korean language :)

  4. hi dear,
    just wanna ask, how to insert hangeul when you type it with QWERTY keyboard?
    i already download hangeul fonts but still not working.

    thanks for your information :)

    1. Oh, sorry I don't really know about that :( I wrote this post in my phone--it has hangul letters--and saved it as a draft, then edited it and put the images on my computer. 1 thing I can ever suggest you: google it xD

  5. Do you find it hard to learn Korean?

    1. Well, the grammar is terrible. I can say it's pretty much different with Bahasa and English grammar. And I just started learning about it. So yeah, it's hard :D At least for me kkkk~


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