January 20, 2013

Call her everything

Yesterday spent with Jakuen kids. I started thinking this groupies can actually help me to get even slimmer because they often hold day out on weekends. And I'll be as always, be with my hyung. She can't drive anything, can't even ride bicycle xD And for all the time, she'll depend on me. After getting our asses down at Tiara's house, me, hyung, Hana, Nisa, and 2 other boys decided to have a quick snack time. But when hyung saw a ramen house, we both sneaked in without the rest of the kids. So you can say we had a not so romantic late dinner xD Just by the 2 of us hahah!

photos taken and edited by me. Photos that are me in it, taken by Hana

If I remember again, it's been more than four months since me and hyung got really close. I personally feel like I'm getting closer to her even more day by day. She's my junior high school friend but we weren't that close back then. I just came to know her that she existed—oh how mean! xD Around October 2012 when she finally introduced Kpop things to me, and I finally fell for Ryeowook, we got really weally beally close. As close as 'THIS'. Now that I'm interested with EXO-M—again, you can blame her for it--I swear I can never pass a day without annoy her and force her to show me more about Kris and Tao. We try to fangirl everyday at school and when it comes to weekends with Jakuen, hyung will turn into kind of lao se ('teacher' in Chinese) and teach me everything like we're at school of Kpop xD

Not to say her skill in English makes me even easier to socialize and tell her everything with my sudden mixing language between Javanese, Bahasa, and English xD Saranghaeyo, hyung! ({})


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  2. Beautiful pics, girl!
    It's always an amazing feeling, when you realize, you're getting closer to someone! <3

    Xx, Sara.


  3. everything looks delicious:)

  4. Great pictures and that food looks so yummy!



  5. so delicious!!!


  6. hey! your friends are muslim? I am too.
    I loved the pictures.

  7. Im sooo craving one of those now!!!



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