February 24, 2013


Watching // Nothing but YouTube videos.

Listening // More Kpop for sure. 'Two Moons', 'Eternally Lost', 'Angel', and 'What Is Love.' All sung by EXO. Except for 'Eternally Lost'. Hyung told me that song is the original song of 'Angel' by EXO. SM just recycled it and changed the lyric and even its title. Nah who cares, I still don't understand what they sing. And just yesterday I came back to my old junior high school days where Shane Harper was so cool and now I'm listening to him again. Let's try 'Dance With Me' and 'Jump' for the warm ups ;)

Reading // Uhh, I've left books for months since I knew Kpop. My bad...

Eating // Lately I've been eating a lot of unhealthy foods. The other time I ate a lot and the next time I didn't eat anything at all. Yesterday I ate a lot of carbohydrate and that's definitely not good. I mean, I don't even understand how I could be so hungry like an elephant???

Looking forward to // EXO'S GODAMN COMEBACK OKAY.

Thinking about // EXO'S GODAMN COMEBACK OKAY. Well, I'm tired seeing BAP or any other rookie boybands winning more awards and I think it's time for EXO to shine already. You can't win a game with the same bullet for several times right? I just hope EXO will make a comeback in the near future right after SHINee. I mean, the whole fandom is still waiting, but we're tired to relate all things SM put to EXO's comeback. The signs are there! Look at Kris' new hairstyle, and Xiumin has loosen so much weigh. WHERE THE KKAMJONG IS THE COMEBACK YOU SM???

Loving // Kris' fashion on the airport. Damn he's so professional on it.

Seeing this post as a highlighter of my life, I just realised how Kpopized I am now. Uh, creepy.

Post inspired by Ilene and  Danielle :)


  1. Haha well you do spend a lot of time thinking of EXO xD Fangirling is full time job!

    Have a nice k-pop day,

  2. ok you didn't put in fangirling over my fanfic bye

  3. I see that you really love EXO now Nava, from your insta and twitter update!
    Same with you, I ate unhealthy foods these days :(

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  4. You can never get enough from K-pop ;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, i´ll follow u hope u follow back !

  5. Great post!! I really like the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following you now :)




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