February 04, 2013


Oh, times flies pretty much fast. And I've been enjoying my school life beautifully. Tbh all the subjects at school are getting harder and harder but I have to be professional by taking care all of them professionally. I supposed to do my PE assignments right now but I'm home alone and since I've got 2 good great posts to be shared, I ended up editing some photos here lol. So how's your life, peeps? Anything good? :) Lately, aside from studying—yes, people, I do real study—I also spend half of my life for downloading YouTube videos, illegally—shhh, don't tell anyone! ;) Since now I have new interest towards SM Entertainment's latest boyband, EXO—especially EXO-M—I think I'm getting busier to get all their news to catch things up hahah! They just debuted last April, ya know~

Okay, okay, I can talk about those Kpop stuffs later, can't I? So last Saturday Jakuen and the other clubs at my school had a photo session for our yearbook edition. I supposed to be at last year's yearbook too but I didn't make it so this time I tried my best to come. Since we're a club dedicated to Japanese culture and all things kawaii—well, not that "kawaii" but I know you know what it means—so some of us dressed up as cosplayer portraying anyone they want. Our alumni, 12th grader, and our 10th grader, all gathered up for a special photoshoot which I enjoyed so fucking much! I admit it that without Jakuen, HARRY would probably neglected all week because I rarely take photos except for school events xD Here are some photos that I managed to take. Most of it are my face hehe. Well, just enjoy ;)

Sena (L) and Nabil (R). He dressed up as an unbranded anime -__-a

"We are, ONE!"

Hana and our special guest that day, "Taemin" from SHINee lol

Me taking photo with my beloved Kris Wu from EXO-M :*

Hyung and her bias, Chanyeol from EXO-K

Truth is, I felt so sad that day. I guess my myopi is getting worse day by day though I always put my real glasses on—the one that I wore last Saturday was fake and just for fun. So when I tried to aimed an object from my camera, I couldn't get the focus since it kept on blurred :( I couldn't see it clear so yeah, there you have it some photos are blurred... Aaaaaannnddd, I just realized after looking at all these photos how fat I am when I'm wearing my blazer hohoho ._.a

Have a nice Monday! xoxo


  1. so fun, and suddenly I miss my classmates and the moment when we were taking photo for year book too.
    from suju and now you love exo, just like me, from bigbang to 2ne1 ^^

    1. It was soooooo FUN! :D The kids of Jakuen are always that crayzeehhh xD Hahahah, you got me again this time ^^ No wonder you like them both. All YG talents have swag! Yesung is going to enlist soon and I need to find new quick replacement of him for awhile, that's why I listen to EXO alot these days kkkk~

      But Ryeowook is still the man \m/

  2. This is so cute!



  3. cute as photos Nava!!! :D

    1. Hehe, thank you so much EJ! :D

  4. nice!

    followed back .

    Thank you!

  5. Myopia is no fun, I got contacts on always to fix mine

    1. Uh, damn right... I'm afraid of wearing contacts since it seems so complicated and I have to take care of it carefully. So I prefer wearing glasses instead, but it doesn't help much :(

  6. Really fun pictures! ^^
    I can't wait for an EXO comeback!! SM disappointed me with EXO because I hoped for so many promotions and I only got one and none TV appearance :( sob

    Have a nice day,

    1. YES! I also can't wait for their comeback! ^^ I heard that it will be around this mid-February so it's just a little more time kkkk~ xD I'm always there to watch their performances live using livestreaming if it has one or search the videos the other day at YouTube :) Uh I need EXO showcase with EXO-M too not just EXO-K in my country! >,<

  7. thanks for your comment!! lovely pics
    following you hope you can follow me back :)


    1. Thank's Dani! Followed back! :)

  8. Reading this post makes me missing my scholmates and the high school life :) The pictures tell so much fun.

  9. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  10. Lovely blog! Wanna follow each other? Please, let me know :)


  11. Amazing blog ;) And nice photos.

    Could we follow each other? I've already followed you! ;)




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