March 20, 2013

I'm so dope like ooh la la

Mango plaid shirt, Zara basic white shirt, Unbranded watchit's my brother's

My days have been really boring. Uh no, I enjoy it since I've been writing a lot of stories from a full fanfiction until one-shots. And now I kind of have more than 30 stories of EXO xD Last night I browsed through Google and alsom some friends which platform is the best to put my stories. I'm a long-lost Wattpad user, and I have account in Fanfiction. But Directioners rule Wattpad and of course, I don't wanna put my EXO stories there. So I tried out Fanfiction, but it takes years for me to follow the steps. Again, I stressed out. And so, one of my friends suggested me to post them through Livejournal. I've heard this site before and I even read some fanfictions there. But I don't like the layout. But there are bunches of EXO stans there! Now I don't know where to put my stories...


  1. Navaaaaa babe ive missed you!!! :DDD
    and im glad im not the only one with boring days and posts without very much stuff in them, ive been really low in the inspiration and creativity department recently with my blog posts haahah. anyway bai for nowww xx

  2. Love the plaid shirt, it's so pretty! You look gorgeous

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  4. Lovely blog you got going on here! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us! I would love to see you around my blog some time and maybe follow each other!
    Stay in touch!



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