March 13, 2013

One of those days

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(a) As I told you before I'm gaining a lot of weight. Blame those fast foods. (b) I finally watched Ryeowook alive right before my eyes! :D Believe it I was just 2 meters away from him asdfghjkl!!! (c) I know, I know, this Pocket Bac thingy is lame, trust me to finally bought them wasn't my first intention. But then I saw the name Black Pearl and it reminded with Sehun's teaser lol. Lame reason xD (d) Hahah, just wanna tell ya I got new hair cut. Front bangs baby! \m/ (e) One day hyung asked me to go out and we had a stop at a Korean store. It sells a lot of fangirl stuffs xD Sooo heaven~ That's what I got, a name tag of Tao :3 (f) Pouting.

Okay so I'm still alive guys, don't worry. No, there hasn't been any zombies invasion. No, I am not kidnapped by those handsome aliens from EXO planet. No, I haven't been anywhere but just around my home and school. Uh, so the reason behind my blog absence is that I just broke my internet modem somehow. I don't know why but that's what happening right now. I'm perforced to use my phone as a portable wi-fi like what I'm doing now to blog this post :" School life has been really quite, and fun. But tasks are coming from all directions. No real internet connection for weeks here so all I've been doing is only watching some Running Man episodes. Hahah! But don't worry guys. New posts are coming your way. Right after dad lend me his modem, I'll post them one by one, trust me ;) I'll also post my experience of attending first concert :D It was FUCKING AMAZING. Needless to say.

For now, let's keep everything as how it should be. See you when I see you! xoxo


  1. you watch running man nava?? XD which episode??
    I'm gaining weight too cause of fast foods and snacks XD
    lucky you! can watched Ryeowook live!
    I always love your hair style with bangs :D
    me too, a lot of task in college and it hard to me for blogging these days..
    cant wait for your next post ;)

  2. I hate when my internet breaks as well :( You look so cute and I'm sure you aren't gaining weight!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook


  3. I`m glad that you have internet back :) I also sometimes give the body of the posts, and not because I don`t have a modem ..


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