April 24, 2013

Buckle up

So, hi. I don't know how to say this. But my absence of blogging world is slowly stressing me down. Not that I don't have anything to talk—it's a bunch of stuffs—but more because I can never find the right time to think about one single good and appropriate post. The photos are stacking up in my folder, waiting to be posted and told and shared to the world. But I don't know why they're not online yet.

First of all, I didn't make the good use of my month, April. My 17th birthday was on 11th. Long story short, Jakuen made up an outstanding drama to jerk me. And eventhough I never like things like that, I pretty much enjoyed how it went. My birthday this time is the best I've ever had. My friends and other strangers say 'happy birthday' to me thru Twitter, I got many presents and whatsnot, new shoes from Jakuen xD Hyung even gave me 2 gifts omg. I'm gonna show the details much much later. Best part is that I feel loved here. Like I've never been loved before—probably because I am, haha. Oh, and I haven't even told you about one of my school even that included Jakuen. It was epic, and I can't wait to show you guys the photos. Hm, what else? Other than the ramblings above, I guess my life is still as flat as how it used to be. Craving for free wifi all over the place just to see updates from EXO and SJ's SS5 world tour, writing stories, read fanfics, study... oh, yes, right! I'm actually in the middle of my mid-term exam right now. Huge fail, because other high schools have done it since weeks ago and I just faced it starting from this week. Aside from that, I'm starting to study Chinese as well. If you follow me both on Twitter or Instagram, I've been typing with Mandarin quite often lately. Since I love EXO-M, I feel like having the obligation to at least understand what they say. And fortunately, I accidentally found a Chinese-living-out-in-Japan friend through Twitter ^^ She even complimented that my Chinese is haobang! :O Like, seriously?? I just started okay, don't make me feel like I'm flying on the clouds lmfao.

Well, guess what? I'm tired. Still need to study for tomorrow's exam =_= That's all for the ramblings today. I can't promise you when I'll be back again here but, let's just see what the universe brings me to.


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