April 26, 2013

You just gotta get through

I don't understand why I need years or centuries to make this post. This is a very late event held on my school and I feel guilty to post this. Truthfully, I've been distracted by a lot of things. Since I don't really have quite strong internet connection anymore now, I stop checking on blogs. I haven't lose the passion to write more—I write stories when I'm not surfing the net—but I become so grumpy when it comes to slow down connection and the pages take longer times to load. So I always shut down my laptop and get back to my phone, read fanfics and probably looking for story ideas. Who knows?

This post shows me another side that I might have forgotten a little, hehe. Spending time with my club has always been amazing. And I love my juniors now. They're like the little bunches of little sisters and brothers like I never had—or I had, but they're a lot better than I already have. I promise that I'll work even harder for Jakuen, with all my flaws and mistakes. Just make sure I'm walking on the same road with you guys.

xoxo, Nava


  1. nice pics


  2. You look like you guys had so much fun! Great pics :)

    Please visit my blog :)
    Miss Cielo


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