May 03, 2013


I finally watched Iron Man 3 with Tara! ^^ Many said the movie wasn't that good, but I can assure you know it's freaking awesome--eventhough you don't get to watch the first and second one, the story plot is enjoyable for everyone! I really want to get myself some robots now...


Left: EXO is not making comeback move in any sooner, so I decided to listen to some new songs from other boybands. Since I saw B2ST live on Music Bank, I couldn't get off my eyes from Yang Yoseob. He looks so much like Niall! >< And their song, Beautiful Night isn't bad at all. You can feel the beat, haha~ Right: When I told you I was studying Mandarin, I wasn't lying. Right when I typed something in Chinese, someone in my tlist replied me and it got me high since I never knew I had real Chinese in my tlist. She said my Chinese was good odg, I even just started!

A gift from my bestfriend, Tara. She really knows how to put a smile on my face :D Big box that include so many happiness when I opened it, urh, gull you definitely know how to treat this young lady ;) Much love for you!

So that's how my life right now, how's yours? :)