May 03, 2013


I finally watched Iron Man 3 with Tara! ^^ Many said the movie wasn't that good, but I can assure you know it's freaking awesome--eventhough you don't get to watch the first and second one, the story plot is enjoyable for everyone! I really want to get myself some robots now...


Left: EXO is not making comeback move in any sooner, so I decided to listen to some new songs from other boybands. Since I saw B2ST live on Music Bank, I couldn't get off my eyes from Yang Yoseob. He looks so much like Niall! >< And their song, Beautiful Night isn't bad at all. You can feel the beat, haha~ Right: When I told you I was studying Mandarin, I wasn't lying. Right when I typed something in Chinese, someone in my tlist replied me and it got me high since I never knew I had real Chinese in my tlist. She said my Chinese was good odg, I even just started!

A gift from my bestfriend, Tara. She really knows how to put a smile on my face :D Big box that include so many happiness when I opened it, urh, gull you definitely know how to treat this young lady ;) Much love for you!

So that's how my life right now, how's yours? :)


  1. It's really sad EXO didn't made a comeback in such a long time. I'm really curious what SM's up too...

  2. eh gue juga hbs ntn iron man!!!!!!! the foods look mouth drilling

    anyways check out my latest outfit post inspired by One Direction "The Dweeb Direction:Finally 16"! on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  3. That wrapping paper is so cute ^^
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