September 04, 2013

Don't forget to catch me

We're not in a relationship. We're not connected in a bond people say as "forever". We can't promise to stay the same. We don't even know when we actually start falling apart because of this. Yet somehow, somewhere along those broken paths and wrong ways, he convinces me that everything will be just fine between us. He promises me to take the responsibilities. We know we won't be together, but we still want to try. We don't know where this relationship will go. There are just too many obstacles to pick and argue.

But we're too young to see that this is so wrong.

Yet so right. And beautiful.

We have too many differences to even start a relationship. We need more than just the mutual feeling for each other to keep going. Funny, I'm not even so sure I want this to keep going. I don't have to know best about him, neither is he. But he promises me to be there. He wants us. And so do I.

As for now, I'll just see where the world leads me to.

Me: "What if later I fall too hard for you?"
T: "I'll make sure to catch you even before you fall."