November 04, 2013


Dad's new precious toy

Friendly warning; this post is going to be really bad and probably sarcastic. Not suggested for those who're allergic to truth to scroll down though...

Sometimes I wonder why shallow-minded people are really hard to change. I used to be one long time ago, until I opened my heart to some new things that I thought would hurt me at first but the fact is they were never dangerous to begin with. I've been reading a lot of "funny" tweets about random peeps towards SNSD. And I gotta admit it though I am not so into SNSD, wow dude, since when you have the right to judge a winner based on where they come from? Yes, SNSD just won YouTube's Music Award and much expected there's a little bit of fanwars here and there in my timeline lmao. Some tweets sound funny for people who actually know them (those kind of people quickly remind me with the "old me" few years back haha). Here's a really funny tweet my friend shared on Tumblr, not SNSD-related though (blame me I forgot the link) but still it's pretty funny xD

LMAO TEARS, REAL TEARS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I nearly spat out my bubble tea and oh my fucking God haha Oh Sehun finally become a new species of vegetable what an innovation omg. So I've been losing my sleep and sacrifice my blood and tears and sweat to a fucking new species of vegetables you say? Don't you dare saying such things oh freak. That's just one of a bunch sarcastic tweets I found by tonight and my heart aches seeing that there are actually a lot of peoples who act like how I used to. FYI I am also a big fan of 1D and guess what? EXO is up against the lads (and even JB sigh). I hate fanwars especially when one fandom has voices out about our continent etc. That's just so rude, isn't? I want people to look Asian music and talents just like how they see Western ones. If you can accept the very hardcore Visual Key and other Jpop forms, why can't you accept sweet ones like Kpop? There's so much more to see in Kpop than just meets the eye~

So anw, voting (vote here!) ends this Friday and if EXO won, I'll treat all of you guys something real good ;)