November 02, 2013

Scattered pieces

Yay to short break! I just finished having my mid-semester exams today, hopefully the result will come out as good as I thought ^^ It's amazing isn't it how time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday I was still so busy preparing things for my club's Japanese festival at school, now looking at the time here it all has passed. I've went through a lot of things since being a final year student. I realize it's hard to maintain between my free time and the time where I have to study for real. I am faced with a lot of choice and trust me, when the time's getting closer it even makes you hard to choose your major in university later. I've been keeping my dream still (to work outside Indonesia) but as the time goes by, the choices are getting harder and harder. Like, there are just so many things I have to look at when I make decisions on which major I'm going to take. The competitors, my grades, etc. Not to mention the so many tests ahead and complicated graduation rules I have to fulfill. Sometimes I think that all these tests don't really determine students' capability in understanding school's subjects. The National Exam only takes 6 majors for senior high school students and I think that's just quite unfair because I study 14 subjects for 2 years and 17 for a year :/

Ah school problems haha, of course this doesn't apply for those who are older than me haha. Anyway, if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you must have seen these photos below. So my family went to have a quick lunch few weeks ago (everything posted here seems like happen few weeks ago or so lol) at dad's workplace. And everytime we're here, I never forget to stop by at Calais to buy myself milk tea :9 It has the best milk tea in town! ^^

Anyway, me and T are on our hardest time. This is what I hate from falling in love with someone. When I finally have the commitment to start a relationship, the other party doesn't. Thankfully this doesn't happen earlier because I'm afraid it would affect my test result. Sometimes I think if everything's worth the sacrifice I've taken. Or do I have to take back everything?

Well, until next time and happy Saturday! xoxo


  1. nice post :)

  2. God, this is so delicious, I'm so jealous right now! Thanks for comment in my blog, of course, we can follow each other. I'm following you:')

  3. love the last pic's quote :) i've been struggling when decided a mojor, actually i even have to take a year off after i graduated, so, good luck :)

  4. Hey, thank you for nice words. Good luck with your education, your choices and everything! You're very ambitious, it's great!

  5. yummy post!! i love calais to hihihihi

  6. Ou how these looks lovely! Love the drink wiht mush.
    Wanna follow each other?
    Following you now via bloglovin.

  7. looks like a yummy treats!!


  8. That food look so delicious, making me so hungry!
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    Feisty Fox Diaries

  9. the food looks really appetising! Have a good break...wishing you best of luck with the results!

    The Petite Blogger

  10. amazing blog! sure we should follow let me know when you follow me with bloglovin and facebook and I come back

  11. hey, thank you for your nice comment! of course we should follow each other, I really like your blog! I am already following you via Bloglovin' and Instagram (magdalenafraj) ;) I hope you will do the same and we will stay in touch ;)


  12. Mmm so much good stuff!


  13. um yuuum2! they look great ;) & it's so cool that you've got a pretty nice quote on your cup! cheer up :D


  14. Oh my, looks delicious!
    Bubble tea is my addiction hihi ^^
    Omo, you're a EXO fan too?
    I've vote everyday for them on MTV awards and MAMA :)

  15. Looks like such a fun place!
    xo Annie

  16. yummy, I'd eat everything :)

  17. looks really delicious :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star


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