December 16, 2013


Wow duh I can finally make one proper post for this month, yay! Who's happy? :D So I have finished all my final exams and it's time to enjoy the christmas and new year holiday that is coming around the corner—it's starting next week woohoo! And yesterday me and my class had our yearbook photoshoot did at my xiao didi's house. Our yearbook theme is movie covers. All of us had to dress up and pose just like how actress and actors do on movie covers we've picked. I myself portrayed Maudy Ayunda from Perahu Kertas 2 ;D It was so much fun! I got to see my friends dress up in colourful dresses, learn how to do our make-up alone, and I felt that our bond is getting stronger ^^ I was afraid that we won't work the photoshoot together because uhhh, I didn't think we were that close as classmates. But then when we took photos together I realized that we are already solid in a very short period >< God I love you guys!

Michael's too tired to pose for anything, he ended up lying like a dead man

A little selca before the photo session started

The host a. k. a. my xiao didi. God, stop embarassing me please...

God I'll be punished for taking such scandalous pic ><

Don't you think she looks like doll? With peachy round cheeks, I can pinch those all day!

What I love from photoshoots is the wardrobes. I was so fascinated by my friends because they were all so beautiful and handsome (see, I'm being honest this time!). I never realized they could be this cool haha. That girl above in salmon pink dress was portraying someone from the movie La Tanza and I swear when she had her ponytail she looked like that character from the game Final Fantasy >< Ditha was on the same scene as me we were both portraying the cover for Perahu Kertas 2. Gotta say she looked totally the same with Elyzia ;D Oh and, you all know how I have keen interest with shoes. Too many beautiful shoes worn yesterday and I couldn't help not to take pictures of them~

This is what I wore yesterday, a birthday gift from Jakuen! So comfy~

Okay Rafah, we've seen enough

This is literally my best shot of the day...

The only thing I'm still sad about is that I'll always have less photos than the others at events like this. Simply because no one really takes my photos :( I love taking photos no matter who that person is even if we're enemies. I just love taking their pictures. When one of my friend brings a camera, they end up (mostly) taking selcas with only their close friends. I prioritize my whole class because it's important to have all of them in my camera. Sure I can ask other people to take my photos but some of my friends (or should I say, all of them?) are very blind with DSLRs. That's why sometimes my photos are blurred out or misfocused ._. I have my very own style when I take portraits. As you can see, they're fine. But everyone can't really follow my beat and they don't seem to have the sense to make things balance in the photo. Well, that's most likely what happen to me all the time, sigh.

But thank's for yesterday, FISCALs! Let's do it again sometimes soon! xx



  1. lovely pics^^

  2. nice photos, and you're looking all so pretty! love it
    shall we follow?take a look at our blog
    greetings from Holland

  3. Schöne Bilder und süßer Blog Liebes <3

    Liebe Grüße Aline

  4. Great blog!!
    Can we follow each other?

  5. Amazing pics, lovely shoes!!!!

  6. cute photos and blog!! <333


  7. Thanks for your lovely comment, nava :)
    Yearbook photo shoot is one of the best high school moment, right? heheh..

  8. Thoses photos are great, all of you are so cute ! :) <3

  9. I adooore this post! so sweet and lovely, reminds me when i was in school. You guys are so stylish, love the looks of the two first ladies, and the shoes pics really amazing!

    Love from Chile

  10. Great pictures dear! and so pretty!! ♥

    Hope you check out my blog too ♥

  11. these photos are so vibrant! love them all. u look gorgeous as well dear!

    xoxo, Eliza
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