December 15, 2013


Eating // I've been eating a lot of sushis and other Japanese snacks because my mom just started a little business with her friend in this field. Me being the goddess of eat-too-often has the job to make sure that every foods that made, tastes delicious. Thus I only eat onigiri and sushi for the past few weeks at home because mom's so worked up on that and that's like the only thing she does on free time. I just hope that consuming raw fish and seaweed this often will at least makes good impact on my brain, not the other way around.

Writing // I'm still trying to gather the scattered pieces of my story ideas for Aren't laws made to be broken which foreword had been up on AFF since like, probably months ago. It's really hard to find the perfect time to write the first chapter ugh. Well I decided to just make it short into 3 chapters so I wanna make sure I write good and beta-read it before it gets published. And it's really new to me writing Kaisoo fanfic. If this isn't for hyung's birthday promise I wouldn't do it because this story was formerly about Taoris. Mianhae.

Listening to // I am so overwhelmed by the christmas spirit—I always am! Eventhough I don't celebrate christmas but I love the atmosphere, all warm and cheerful. Aside from crazy sales happening at malls, the thing I love from christmas would be the songs singers come up with. I didn't expect EXO to make a christmas album because they just finished doing promotion for Growl album and now, I can't stop listening to Miracles in December. Seriously I just wanna tear myself apart because this song sounds so sad despite of telling us how magical christmas is T^T Uh, thank's a lot EXO, really.

Watching // Some Korean variety shows. EXO Showtime! and Running Man are on top of my list. Well I've told you guys numerous time that I don't really watch TV and rather spend my time surfing the net.

Thinking about // What major I'm gonna take in uni. Haha yeah the topic is still bugging me and I haven't really decided which faculty I want to take, everything seems to be interesting suddenly! ><

Looking forward to // THIS YEAR'S NEW YEAR EVE. Because it's gonna be my first time spending new year with my loved one ;) I hope everything's going to be good and I hope our plan will go smoothly! *fingers crossed*

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