December 10, 2013

Music makes one

Wow it's already December! Haha, too late? Uh, I've been very busy with school and all. Homeworks, exams, tasks, school seems like a very horror place despite of me going to that damned place everyday. I think I won't be able to do a review of 2013 here on the blog. I did for 2012 and it was when I still had my long holiday. Holiday this year won't be the same because, well, I still have to study even on holidays :| Suck huh?

Me lookin like a boss teaching Ditha the right tune to sing Story of My Life haha!

But anyway, I was having a super fun recording for my music task last Saturday. Went straight to Rizfan's house since his place is completed with music studio. So my teacher asks the students to be able to sing and play instrument. Being a quite jerky music teacher she is, she decided to turn up the challenge by making us both do the singing and playing the instrument at the same time... I was going to sing accompanied by a friend for the instrument part but then I decided to just keep going and finally I successfully played the piano, covering Open Arms from Boyz II Men. This won't happen smoothly if my xiao didi didn't bother to help! >< Isn't he such a sweetheart?

Wanna hear the good part? He plays both piano and guitar like a master which he is

So the reason why I picked Open Arms is because it's a very easy song to play. At least for an amateur in piano like me. I was hating this music task at first because I don't like singing. I prefer to just play the instrument rather than singing or doing both at the same time. I can barely divide my focus yo. But I'm starting to thank my teacher because this task has brought back my sense of music alive. I'm now browsing the YT for some more piano tutorial ^^ The video is, unfortunately too big for me to upload. But I guess I'll do another recording for the cover, just for fun because you guys gotta see how I play it haha!

Until next time, xoxo


  1. Hihih, i can feel you, have to study during holidays. I passed that moment already ;) but trust me, high school is the best moment ever. we can't really find the best friends and best crazy moments in any time after high school. You can, if you are lucky enough.

    have a nice day dear.

    xoxo, (used to be

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  3. I wish I can play some instrument tools, such as guitar or piano. Great post dear! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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