January 20, 2013

Piece of mind

random shots, don't ask me why I post these

One of my friend said I shouldn't really bring my camera wherever I go because that kind of looked overrated. Well, I wanted to reply him so badly but I stopped myself before the word war occured. The biggest reason why I love to capture any moments—even if that moment is not so important—is because I have a blog and I have the obligation to share something on my blog whatever it is. They don't understand it and said my passion for my blog is something really stupid. I wonder if I tell them I'm a fashion blogger too, what will they reaction be? The people around me is so weird lol. Anyway, many many big thank's to Nadia of Glam Rock Lady, been awhile since the last time I got an award :D Probably because I always have problem to write down the next nominees ^^ But this time I promise I'll follow all the rules:

1. Bloggers nominate other up-and-coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award.
2. If you receive the Liebster, you must: 
- Tell 11 random things about yourself. 
- Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked you.
- Nominate 11 other bloggers and make sure you notify them.

The question ranging on my mind right now is why is it has to be 11?

So here are another 11 random facts about me:

1. I think it's really weird of me for having different kinds of facial expressions and it can easily change from one atmosphere to another situation. When I take photos with my friends, I look so messed-up. But if I take self shots by myself, I look totally awesome B) My parents should definitely explain that.
2. I totally believe in karma. I used to be an antis for K-pop. But now I find myself attracted so damn much to it xD And who ever thought I would be biased over a forever young guy like Kim Ryeowook? He's 26 and looking so young.
3. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like Nicki Minaj.
4. I'm stupidly trying to get all EXO members' names in my head by this week. They only have 12 members unlike Super Junior but their faces are hard to remember.
5. I start forgetting important things easily. Well, a year older means quick memory~
6. I'm trying to create a deathly stare as how Tao does it [this, this, this, and this].
7. I ever once tried to do suicide.
8. I pretend I'm Adele and Celine Dion when in shower. I think about my whole life and what will happen next. Like all teenagers, bathroom seems to be the perfect place to discuss everything with yourself.
9. I'm so good in gadgets. I love android phones, I support Samsung, all my electronic stuffs are from them and I guess I'm the only one who doesn't pro Apple.
10. I can speak English fluently. Though I'm not so good if you give me TOEFL test, but believe me it's just a piece of paper with grammars. Real person talk in real life to see how good they are.
11. I'm happy for what I was back then, what I am now, and sure for what I'll be later.

Questions from the nominator:

Who is your favorite blogger?
- Ilene of Much Love, Illy.

Where are you from?
- Athens, Greece but I'm currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What is your favorite moment in your life?
- Those moments when I'm so happy without any reasons. I like that ;)

What do your think about yourself?
- I'm so beautiful, sensual, attractive, and gorgeous even with my dark skin. I'm the smartest and yet the craziest human being. I'm multi-talented. I have a lot of things that I can be proud of. I'm happy for being a Navartierre. I'm glad cuz I was born as who I am today!

Who is your favorite actor/actress?
- It's hard to pick as my favourites keep changing over times. Danielle Craig and Angelina Jolie.

Who inspires you the most?
- I probably inspire myself a lot ;p

What do you think about haters?
- Soon or later, they're going to like me. In force. By me~~

Favorite designer?
- All shoes designers are my fave.

Describe your style?
- One thing you should remember, I can never go right with vintage, retro, and anything that was created far away before I was born in this world. This includes my music taste. I'm all about modern lifestyle and glamour things. I'm a solid future lady. But don't get me wrong. I enjoy seeing people in any style even if I dislike it ^^

What is the first thing that you put in your bag?
- Phones, cameras, and wallet.

What is your currently favorite outfit?
- I'm going to reveal it soon on the blog. It has animal prints!

And the nominees shall answer these 11 questions as well. They are... *drum rolls*

Yup, and that's all for today! Getting ready for tomorrow for another day  for school. Hope the flood in Jakarta will be all gone by morning O:) Have a relaxing Sunday! xoxo

Call her everything

Yesterday spent with Jakuen kids. I started thinking this groupies can actually help me to get even slimmer because they often hold day out on weekends. And I'll be as always, be with my hyung. She can't drive anything, can't even ride bicycle xD And for all the time, she'll depend on me. After getting our asses down at Tiara's house, me, hyung, Hana, Nisa, and 2 other boys decided to have a quick snack time. But when hyung saw a ramen house, we both sneaked in without the rest of the kids. So you can say we had a not so romantic late dinner xD Just by the 2 of us hahah!

photos taken and edited by me. Photos that are me in it, taken by Hana

If I remember again, it's been more than four months since me and hyung got really close. I personally feel like I'm getting closer to her even more day by day. She's my junior high school friend but we weren't that close back then. I just came to know her that she existed—oh how mean! xD Around October 2012 when she finally introduced Kpop things to me, and I finally fell for Ryeowook, we got really weally beally close. As close as 'THIS'. Now that I'm interested with EXO-M—again, you can blame her for it--I swear I can never pass a day without annoy her and force her to show me more about Kris and Tao. We try to fangirl everyday at school and when it comes to weekends with Jakuen, hyung will turn into kind of lao se ('teacher' in Chinese) and teach me everything like we're at school of Kpop xD

Not to say her skill in English makes me even easier to socialize and tell her everything with my sudden mixing language between Javanese, Bahasa, and English xD Saranghaeyo, hyung! ({})



LOL I felt like I just woke up from my wildest dream ever. I've been very busy evacuating myself and all my important gadgets and stuffs from the heavy rain—but no, my house didn't catch any over-flood fortunately. Can't believe the movie '2012' became a little bit reality for the past few days. It's been raining hard for a week and I couldn't do anything outside my house. My parents asked me everyday, every minute if I was okay with the situation all by myself. I told them I'd be okay and they didn't have to take me away with them to keep me safe. But the real reason I've been neglecting this blog was because I had nothing to talk about. I wanted to sleep all day when I had spare time. The weather was very convenient xD But I'm back for good! I'll start doing blogwalking again and commenting on people's blogs. I just hope it'll rain a little, not too much. Because however, I still love rain that much~

Some old photos I took on new year...

Meanwhile, please keep everything safe and of course, you too :) xx Take care!

January 02, 2013


Sometimes I should thank my parents to ever moved in Indonesia. The tropical weather is confusing indeed, but you can get almost every festival and holidays done smoothly. While on the other side of the world some people are freezing because of winter, I'm brainstorming of how to get rid of clothes without getting labeled as nasty girl :D Just kid, you know, few days ago before all this new year stuff happened, I went swimming with my family. My body was so weak and I got sick afterwards, but when I told them I wouldn't swim, mom said I should. Because one way of another I had to get taller by year end lol xD

Here, let the pictures speak for the story :)

I don't really like taking photos with my brother. He's not that photogenic like I do :p And yesterday I was so mad to my dad. I didn't even feel like giving him any photography lesson. I know, my dad prefer to use his little Sony rather than my Canon because he said the manual function is tiring. Unfortunately when we arrived, dad forgot his camera and had to shoot photos using mine. His style of taking photos is always in continous mode which I often avoid at most of the time. So when I looked at my camera, the memory card suddenly got overloaded because my dad ended up taking too many photos with the same scene and position geez :(( It's even so hard to pick which photos I have to post argh.

LOL, the GIF I made when I was sliding with my brother xD

Ended up with face getting totally washed :|

Anyway, I really wanna show you the video of fireworks which I recorded on the night of new year. I was out for 3 hours just to wait the fireworks party, btw. But lemme just get this fingers a straight rest cuz I'm gonna download a few more videos to fangirl. Anyeonghaseyo! ^^