February 25, 2013

In suits

Okay guys, I know it's not a good photo to start up this post. But before I start telling things, lemme hear you clapping and congratulate me for having a week holiday HAHAHA. 12th grader in my school are currently having their try out week and school was very kind to let us stay at home during and after try outs. So here I am blogging freely like a Krisus and no one can stop me HAHAHA.

But anyway, I guess you've heard about this big life revolution of me since last weekI couldn't stop talking about how nerve-wrecking it was during the competition. Let's roll back to 2 weeks before it happened. I was sleeping in my class (actually I was overslept) when suddenly my English teacher came in and knocked my table. I woke up and showed my derpiest face I could ever have to her and she laughed. She then started lecturing me with all things wisdom and so on, telling how I should be more passionate and interested with all subjects including English even if I've felt like I've mastered it well. Oh I never listen to her anyway. One and half hour later, when it was almost over and break time, she came to my table and told me something I couldn't believe at that moment; that she was going to put me in for an English competition. Sadly, it had passed alreadyso why the kkamjong she told me that?! And then she left me clueless. And 2 days afterwards, she called me again and said there was another competition. If I was interested, she'd love to put me in for real together with the other students. I was like asdfghjkl and it took 3 days for me to brave and convince myself that it'll be just fine. Then I talked to Hasya (she's the chief of English club in my school, and the leader of our school team. She's definitely ahmazing!), and had the whole practicing, most nerve-wrecking 3 days of my life ever. Yep. We only prepared ourselves for 3 days!

Hasya! Uri duizhang!

The competition was like a simulation of ASEAN meeting. We represented Myanmar back then and glad to say we scored at the 4th position out of 10 delegations. It's a good result, I tell you. The simulation was so serious and held in a very formal way. It was really hard for me since I can't be serious all the time. I have to laugh, fix my bang or hair, loosen my feet, etc. But there were rules and you couldn't even clap your hands! OwO But in the end we managed it well :)

Both Ijay and Hasya are Running Man addict :D

Ijay, Erika, me, Bule, Hasya, Kevin

Little ps, my position that day in the simulation was as a conceptor. Which means, I have to filter and arrange all kinds of agreements into passages and well-formed sentences to be given to the main speaker which was Hasya. There were 3 conceptor; me, Kevin, and Annashe's a 10th grader. And tbh if I may speak, Kevin wasn't helping me at all -__-a He was bad at grammar and I couldn't stand it whenever he try to speak in English to Ijay lol. And the most dangerous part when the simulation started, is that I had to sit side by side with him there. Why? Because well, he was technically my ex but whatsoever it was when we were still so little in 3rd grade of elementary school he was one of the conceptor too, so no comments.

And thank you so much to Reinhardt, he cheered me up with his tweet though I was the one who asked it :p THANK YOU!

Have a nice Monday, mate! xoxo

February 24, 2013


Watching // Nothing but YouTube videos.

Listening // More Kpop for sure. 'Two Moons', 'Eternally Lost', 'Angel', and 'What Is Love.' All sung by EXO. Except for 'Eternally Lost'. Hyung told me that song is the original song of 'Angel' by EXO. SM just recycled it and changed the lyric and even its title. Nah who cares, I still don't understand what they sing. And just yesterday I came back to my old junior high school days where Shane Harper was so cool and now I'm listening to him again. Let's try 'Dance With Me' and 'Jump' for the warm ups ;)

Reading // Uhh, I've left books for months since I knew Kpop. My bad...

Eating // Lately I've been eating a lot of unhealthy foods. The other time I ate a lot and the next time I didn't eat anything at all. Yesterday I ate a lot of carbohydrate and that's definitely not good. I mean, I don't even understand how I could be so hungry like an elephant???

Looking forward to // EXO'S GODAMN COMEBACK OKAY.

Thinking about // EXO'S GODAMN COMEBACK OKAY. Well, I'm tired seeing BAP or any other rookie boybands winning more awards and I think it's time for EXO to shine already. You can't win a game with the same bullet for several times right? I just hope EXO will make a comeback in the near future right after SHINee. I mean, the whole fandom is still waiting, but we're tired to relate all things SM put to EXO's comeback. The signs are there! Look at Kris' new hairstyle, and Xiumin has loosen so much weigh. WHERE THE KKAMJONG IS THE COMEBACK YOU SM???

Loving // Kris' fashion on the airport. Damn he's so professional on it.

Seeing this post as a highlighter of my life, I just realised how Kpopized I am now. Uh, creepy.

Post inspired by Ilene and  Danielle :)

February 09, 2013

Girls in the city: Season 1

Korz top, H&M cardigan, Triset jeans, Charles & Keith bag, Fladeo shoes, vintage necklace

Sooo, this is the first series of "Girls in the city" photoshoots xD You may have heard this concept somewhere? Yep, it's from Super Junior's photo books, "Boys in the city" which has successfully continued their series until 4 seasons :) Last Saturday me, hyung, Hana, her sister, and a junior of mine, Ghina went to Pacific Place to.... GET OUR TICKETS. Ticket??? Yes, people, I just bought myself a ticket which costed IDR 900K щ(゚Д゚щ)Oh, a ticket of what? Well, as I've got closer to K-pop nowadays, and I bet you've heard the issue about the next Music Bank takes place from SM Ent., so one day hyung asked me if I wanted to join in with her and the others to Mubank. Woot, that means watching live concert! FYI I've never been to any concerts before so I was sooooo excited about this one! But the day before I bought the ticket, I thought that watching concert which consists 8 guest stars and knowing only 1 of them is wasting my money... But then I said to myself, this might be the first and last concert for me for awhile, before my hard time comes—I mean, being a 3rd grader of senior high student ;p Oh, can't wait to see Ryeowook and Yesung oppa on stage, right before my eyes! ôヮô

My dream is going to be alive on March 9th... :') Till then, be a good boy, Ryeowook! ;*

February 04, 2013


Oh, times flies pretty much fast. And I've been enjoying my school life beautifully. Tbh all the subjects at school are getting harder and harder but I have to be professional by taking care all of them professionally. I supposed to do my PE assignments right now but I'm home alone and since I've got 2 good great posts to be shared, I ended up editing some photos here lol. So how's your life, peeps? Anything good? :) Lately, aside from studying—yes, people, I do real study—I also spend half of my life for downloading YouTube videos, illegally—shhh, don't tell anyone! ;) Since now I have new interest towards SM Entertainment's latest boyband, EXO—especially EXO-M—I think I'm getting busier to get all their news to catch things up hahah! They just debuted last April, ya know~

Okay, okay, I can talk about those Kpop stuffs later, can't I? So last Saturday Jakuen and the other clubs at my school had a photo session for our yearbook edition. I supposed to be at last year's yearbook too but I didn't make it so this time I tried my best to come. Since we're a club dedicated to Japanese culture and all things kawaii—well, not that "kawaii" but I know you know what it means—so some of us dressed up as cosplayer portraying anyone they want. Our alumni, 12th grader, and our 10th grader, all gathered up for a special photoshoot which I enjoyed so fucking much! I admit it that without Jakuen, HARRY would probably neglected all week because I rarely take photos except for school events xD Here are some photos that I managed to take. Most of it are my face hehe. Well, just enjoy ;)

Sena (L) and Nabil (R). He dressed up as an unbranded anime -__-a

"We are, ONE!"

Hana and our special guest that day, "Taemin" from SHINee lol

Me taking photo with my beloved Kris Wu from EXO-M :*

Hyung and her bias, Chanyeol from EXO-K

Truth is, I felt so sad that day. I guess my myopi is getting worse day by day though I always put my real glasses on—the one that I wore last Saturday was fake and just for fun. So when I tried to aimed an object from my camera, I couldn't get the focus since it kept on blurred :( I couldn't see it clear so yeah, there you have it some photos are blurred... Aaaaaannnddd, I just realized after looking at all these photos how fat I am when I'm wearing my blazer hohoho ._.a

Have a nice Monday! xoxo