October 28, 2013

Here's to never growing up

So I went to Trans Studio Bandung a few years and decades months ago when I had my mid-year holiday. Speaking of which the place is an indoor theme park, it quickly reminds me with Universal Studio in Singapore. And since I've never been to anywhere outside Java island for the rest of my previous life, I was more than happy to spend time here :D It was so magical and beautiful inside. Ah, rewinding the memories again (and it's raining outside when I write this post!) I felt like I was the 8 y.o little girl back then. Running from one photo spot to the other, bumping to some clowns and dolls, got jumpy over the romantic lights. The place was too beautiful to be true, and I'm hoping to get back to this place as soon as I can with my friends!

Forever21 dungarees, unbranded shoes and shirt

You see I love wearing the dungarees. The floral pattern is so pretty >< It's also very comfortable for a long day walk because the material is really smooth and flexible you can even run in it (not kindly suggest it, really). Beware for the wandering eyes though cuz it's super short haha x) Oh and I'm actually in the middle of my mid-semester exam right now. Having this post written keeps planted at the back of my head so rather than fiddling about it, I suppose to let you guys have a post to read today from my blog ahahahah~

So, see you when I see you (and wish me luck for the exams though)! xoxo

October 21, 2013

What goes around, comes around

My parents always tell me that we should treat people the way we wanna be treated. So be good to people and people will be good to you as well. Recently I've been thinking that the quote "what goes around, comes around" doesn't work as it should be anymore. I'm kind to people and help them as much as I can, but sometimes what I get in return isn't what I thought before. Not that I expect people to return my kindness, it's just that I want them to be fair. Like, I teach some of my friends and help them with English homeworks and (sometimes) math or accountancy. But when I try to ask them about something I can't understand, they can't give me the right answer. It kind of frustates me because duh, how come you guys use me as your 'teacher' but I can't use you guys too. I need symbiosis too, you know. There was once I tried to stop being good and nice to my friends, but at the end of the day, I couldn't. I ended up helping them and, well, be nice again. No matter what the circumstance is, even when I've swore to myself I won't help anyone for the rest of my life, God says otherwise.

Haha this was taken on Rizfan's 17th birthday party few weeks ago. Should've posted this since ages ago but the post remained on Blogger's draft ;D I was running out of words at that time, I guess. So yes I finally cut my hair (hooray!) after staying for 3 or 4 months without hair cut at all and having the same hair style that much time, I felt like I really need new make over.

Anyway, have a good day!

♫ Ra.D - 어떤 설레임

October 12, 2013

Young and young

As one of the social students who mostly gets stereotyped as "social butterfly", I love having friends—especially talented friends. This happened weeks ago but I never had the chance to post it because damnit I have no personal internet at my house. But it's not happening anymore, folks! Mom finally decided to put a wifi on our house and voila, now I'm back to my regular blogging activity ^^ Sadly, this kind of reminds me with the short time I have until later when I finally have to live by myself and go out from the house because of study :( It's as if the clock is ticking too fast that every breath I catch followed by a quick reminder that being in the final year means no more fooling around the bed all day.

Talking about the big fish in the pond, lately I've been so occupied with reading stuffs that I (hope) am going to learn in my college. And since I never talked about what my wildest dream on the blog before, I'm going to talk about it now ^^ So as you guys know I've always wanted to work outside the country. Whether as one of Indonesian's ambassador or simply international well-known author. I've had this dream since I first overheard the idea  of exploring the world from the conversation between my cousin and her driver. And back then, being a not-so-innocent 5th grade little kid, the dream itself amazes me to the bone. And so, whenever my teachers and other adults asked me what I want to be, the answer has always been the same; to be a success person who develops myself outside the country.

Tbvh the way to the dream itself is really hard and tough. I'm nowhere near half of the journey for now, and the road I'm going to take seems quite impossible. I don't even know if I have the confidence to walk it by myself. This is why it's really hard to look at my childhood dreams from the POV of an adult version of me. There seems too many obstacles I have to face before I actually see the end of my tunnel of dreams. Oh well, my parents tell me at the end of the day it's the process that we do to reach our dreams that counts—it's what determines me from other dreamers that my hope is as big as my dreams.

This is what I was trying to tell you earlier before I started rambling about my life determination; one of my very best friend, the super talented petit pianist, Rizfan performed  for a quick selection for I-still-don't-know-what-for competition lol. He's my "little brother" at school and being the good big sister I am, I stayed with Fidel for 2 hours only to see his band performance haha ;D Seeing these photos once again makes me realize that the life of young teenagers that we are is going to fly away soon. I love my senior high life, it's worth all the sacrifice I did to have the life I live today ^^

Until then, see you on the next post! xoxo