January 02, 2014

Ain't so bad

Wow, we're already living our life in 2014 is this even possible??? lol How's your day, people? It's getting pretty exciting isn't it? New years always bring positive atmosphere for me and my family. It's like we're being reborn for once again and all our pasts get buried deep down making us focus only to our future ^^ I celebrated the new year eve with my family minus my old brother. He couldn't go home this time due to his college exams, sigh. I've missed him terribly bad :( I went to (as always) Jakarta, stopped at the highway with other civilians during midnight with all roads covered by the cars only to watch the calm and cold night skies getting lighten up by the fireworks soon after :D It was a magical sight and I love it when all buildings launched their fireworks altogether at the same time when the clock stroke on 12 o'clock. I really hope someone would sing Katy's Fireworks when it happened because that would be sooo epic, ha! (ง'̀-'́)ง

I brought along my camera at that time, but then I realized it was running out of battery so I didn't record anything or even take pictures of us :( I happened to record the fireworks party using my phone though. I'm trying my best to post them on Instagram soon ><

Went to Hana's surprise party today for her 18th birthday along with other Jakuen kids. Oh my God I can't believe it that my darling is already 18 years old it feels like yesterday she just turned 17 ಥ_ಥ It was a very quick plan and since I was so bored and school starts in less than 4 days, I thought this would be my last time to have fun with them (well, not really the last time). It feels good to be able to work behind the lens again. I mean, after I got discharged from Jakuen, I can't seem to find enough time to take photographs again. And even after few months not taking photos for these kids, I feel like it's still my obligation to do that. It's like a natural habit for me~ And please bear for the photos I took so many selcas here odg ;__;

The birthday girl!

Lmao told you I took so many selcas haha because YOLO. Ah I really miss my active days at Jakuen. Now that we're all final year students which means no more time for any club activities because all of our free time should be used to study and study. Thank you so much for everyone who takes part on this. I'm forever in love with you (yep, no matter how fucked up we used to lmao).

Anyway I got this sweet mail from Julia from Eternal Girl the other day asking me if I would feature one of her handmade accessories. Few weeks ago I got the package and quickly fell in love with it! >< I rarely wear necklaces because I can't seem to find one that suits all my outfits but this, oh this, gotta love this for few months ahead! It was hard for me to choose which one for myself because all the designs are so lovely and beautiful, they're all handmade, which is another plus point for me ;D


As you can see, I got myself the key one. I was going to choose for something blue because the whole world knows how I'm madly in love with anything blue. But then I was thinking that this key necklace will reserve as the key to my heart (sense the poetic aura?). Yep, that's how I finally picked this lovely necklace ;D Millions of thank you, Julia for sending me one of your beauties. Me likeeeyyyy :D

Until next post! xx


  1. It seems like you had an amazing time at your friend's birthday! The pictures tell the whole story. :)

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  2. Great photos !

    happy new year darling !


    Elegantesque Blog

  3. Those necklaces are lovely!

    I'm sorry your brother couldn't come home for Christmas! One of my brothers couldn't make it either =(

    Corinne x

  4. I love your photos, they have a nice ambience to them.

  5. looks like you had a wonderful time! these photos are lovely :)


  6. Love the necklace.


  7. lovely photos!
    looks like an awesome day

    style frontier

  8. love your photo and the necklace too.. :D
    Ohh ya, thanks for visiting my blog and follow back me ya,
    thank you, :)


  9. lovely photos!


  10. Love all the photos here. The tone is so lovely :)

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  11. Thank you for the mention! Enjoy your necklace :)

  12. Great pictures :D

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