February 16, 2014

You can't ignore the spotlight, baby

Greetings, good people! How was your weekend? Today my brother had to get back to Jogja because his college will be started by tomorrow :( I'm gonna miss him again, huhu. Today my family went out to try Mujigae since brother said he wants to know how Korean dish taste like. And try we did. It wasn't as how I expected, honestly. We tried all kinds of foods we never heard before. I ordered myself kimchi fried rice and it tastes no different than the one made by my mom other than it has melted cheese as the topping lmao xD The bulgogi also tastes weird :x I don't know what's so good from Korean foods... ;__; At least now I know that Mujigae isn't that "wow" (or it's probably my tongue?). People have different opinions about the taste, do tell me if you happen to eat at Mujigae too!

I suppose yesterday was Saturday, right? I used to spend Saturdays at home, enjoying my spare time and taking rest from a week full of school. But yesterday was the toughest Saturday I ever had! I had to shoot for school's final year project due Monday, and it was a drama for my Bahasa task. We had it shot at school and my team quickly changed to our costumes yesterday right after the school ended. I haven't seen the result of the video though, Jeane helped us with the recording and I still don't know if it's bad or not :| I don't really believe people who record using Harry >< Sometimes they can go very blur and some people just don't know which angle they should shoot from. But it's Jeane we're talking about so I hope she did great!

Let me introduce you to Baekhyun imposter, Syifa Aulia (the girl wearing panda cap above) ^^ She's one of my classmates and seriously the first time I got to see her in the class I was like "Damn she looks like Baekhyun omona what should I do?" especially when she does nothing and just sit there spacing out lmao xD She brought her snapback yesterday for her drama recording too (I didn't know you collect snapbacks, fella!) and I quickly snatched it away from her and took lots of selcas haha! I was acting as a judge yesterday so sad that I wasn't allowed to wear the cap ;3;

The 'drama' queen, Meggy~

Meggy featuring the fabulous Macul

Yep, that's Jeane...

Cutie Indah!

Then some of my drama team went to Punuy's house to have our next project for economy final year task. So for this one, we have to make a "company" based on all the knowledge we've studied for the past semester and apply it to make our own business. Of course, it doesn't have to be real but there are some people that can't act in front of the camera! Also, I have stage fever and it seems like I'm one of the people who can't speak when the camera is on. I was so nervous when I had to fake a meeting with all my "managers" because we didn't prepare anything for the talk of the discussion :( I was like just throw all the shit in your mind, I don't care if it offends anyone, just friggin talk! uhh... now that I'm thinking about it I feel so bad >< We were rushing with the time because someone had to go for a course, their parents called, etc. But the first few shots are good and I think I can do something with it, if not destroying our hard work lol.

Please pray for me, I'm going to befriend with Movie Maker later tonight ;~;

Anyway, hope to see you soon! xx

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