March 23, 2014

Crystal clear

Good afternoon, cool people! I can finally blog again after struggling with final year exams. How's your week been going? I just hope the result will turn out good because I've worked my brain so hard it's as if I just had a heavy brainwash :| Anyway, if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you must have seen some selfies with this new pair of black baby stuck on my face ;D Yep, so I finally managed to get myself new glasses. Not a style glasses though, this is just merely a reading glasses. I have a very terrible eye sight. Due to the childhood incident when I was 5, I'm blessed with an uncured Cylinder. Got 4.25 for my left eye. It's so terrible that I can't see anything even if I bring the thing very close to my left eye :c That's one of a thousand reasons why I never opt for contacts. Because they're not made for people like me who have terrible eye sight. Plus, I don't think it's safe for a clumsy person like me. Right after I tried it on, I just came to realize that all this time I've been so close to being blind haha. Everything looks clearer and more vivid now with glasses. And it's very light and stylish. Dad chose this one for me because he has the same one from Hugo Boss. He said he want his daughter to look exactly the same like him. Good job, dad. I totally love this!

Well then, see you when I see you (and have a relaxing Sunday)! xx


  1. My boyfriend has a pair of very similar hugo boss frames! They're so cool :)


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