March 10, 2014

Something we will always speak of

Right now I feel so proud because I thought I wouldn't be able to post anything to the blog due to my hectic school schedule. In fact, here I am busily editing my photos that soon to be published in a few minutes! If you happen to follow my Instagram, one of these pictures came out there last night. I had a very amazing Saturday, performing three songs with the whole class (and other third grader too) with the main musical instrument, angklung. Never before I entered the high school I touched this instrument before. And gotta admit it the sound that it creates is really beautiful. Especially when it's played by the professionals, godhelpme it can be as good as the piano :" But three songs are just too many to remember for me. I opted for another instrument here because it was so hard to remember the whole notes of the songs. Angklung requires you to remember when you have to shake it (yes you play it by shaking it), because each angklung only holds one note and a person can only hold for three angklungs in extent. This is a part of my school's final year project from my music teacher. She made this as a competition as well, and eventhough we didn't win it, I still had so much fun! ^^

Which sadly being sad that for the next week I'm gonna face more exams... sigh. Life doesn't stop for anybody, does it? Please wish me luck for all the upcoming school tasks, it's going to be a very rough road! Meanwhile, have a read for today and see you when I see you! xx


  1. Great pics dear!

    New post!

  2. Funny pics, dear!
    Good luck with your exams!


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