April 11, 2014

Eighteen candles of hopes and wishes


Uh, I know I said on my last post I wouldn't be posting anything until the national exam takes place. But I just can't help not to share the news to the world today (and partially because I want you to know too), that today, I am having my 18th birthday. The prayers aren't as many as I got the last time on my 17th birthday, but I can feel the sincerity in the ones that came today. Full of hopes and wishes for me to improve myself, to pass the obstacles and be a success person. I haven't seen any of my friends today but I their words sent through SNS and messages will be my greatest support for the mean time. I wish for myself that I would be a better person. I have to be a better person for everyone. I promise I'll work harder in every aspect of my life, I promise I'll be stronger and more independent for everyone to lean on. I'll work my ass off to make my parents proud. I'll make everyone realize my true self and until the day where no one can underestimate me anymore :) That dream ain't so bad, right?

I'll be facing national exam on Monday to Wednesday. The most important three days of my high school life is about to come in the count of days. Wish me luck! xo

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