May 22, 2014

Hide and seek

I was slipping in and out of my consciousness when Eru sent me a message through LINE, telling that he was going to hold his second concert in Jakarta. And I wasn't really interested with him back then. But then I saw the poster and noticed there was Ailee, coming as a guest star and I quickly jumped out of my bed, called my hyung and told her Ailee was coming to town. I couldn't be any happier when she asked me to watch the concert together, but eventhough the ticket was pretty cheap for fangirls like us, I needed to think twice about throwing my money on someone I don't seem to fancy. The conversation left in uncertainty for few days until D-5 and hyung messaged me again, asking if I was still interested with Eru or not and I said of course I was but the price was a bit nonsense for a non-fans like me. She then told me she got free tickets and I was really grateful that she asked me to come along, out of all people she knows! /gasp/

So yeah, thank you so much for hyung's friend for tagging me along because it's rare to get free tickets nowadays hihi. I finally got to see Ailee live on stage right before my eyes and fuuccckkk her voice was just like how I had imagined it before ;__; She's a total perfection and is a professional when it comes to singing!

This is Intan... I'm sorry she's just a little insane

It was rather funny and tiring especially watching a concert of someone you don't really come to love or fond of, but it was worth it. I got two new friends and they're really funny and lovely! We didn't take photos of Eru nor Ailee but we recorded a lot of it. I don't think I can show you the video tho I always have trouble uploading to YT haha ;D Thank's for reading, have a nice day! xo


  1. you guys are so cute!!

  2. You are such a cute girl! Lovely event! ^^

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  3. You guys look super cute!

  4. Another inspiring post from you dear! love it! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!


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