May 20, 2014

Time machine

I remember years ago when I was still a little kid, that I had always wanted to fast-forward everything. Let's be real, you always have that thought in mind, don't you? Especially when the dark days are approaching, you wish you can escape them and get into the good times instead of the bad one. But what's the fun in there? Now that I'm here, in the state where I've always wanted to be years ago, I realized that there's no need to rush things. I faced the downfall, the hardships, the failures, they only made me into a better person.

So yeah, I've officially graduated from high school :)

Anyway, weeks ago right when the national exam was finished, I had a tough argument against my friends. Well, you can't say it's an argument it's more like a debate of what kind of education would suit Indonesia the most. I personally hate how people in Indonesia see that education is a way for you to succeed on everything. It's more like the only way for you thus people start taking any ways for them just to be accepted in a prestigious school. And I hate that. I guess you've known me well that I'm the type of person who hates studying for something I don't like. Because I believe, if I study about a subject, I want to master it, and I want to make sure it'll help me in the future. But the education in Indonesia is really terrible. And I wish I can continue my study somewhere? Japan sounds like a good idea...

Thrift necklace

Unbranded shirt, pants, and shoes

This is a bit rushed (lol I know I said we shouldn't rush things) (I'm always rushed when it comes to taking ootd pictures). Went out to have a lunch with my family few days ago. When I looked into the wardrobe I realized I had no new clothes to wear so I kept recycling everything. I will go shopping new clothes once everything's settled because I can't shopping with occupied mind ;D The shoes are also really old they're my dad's and I just love oversized shoes because they're comfortable and masculine ^^ I rolled the pants and had an inspiration from Kris' recent street style when EXO-M went to LA, tho I don't wanna look that obvious like he did lmao. Wdyt?

The battle is not over yet. Next week, is the real battle and pretty please wish me luck for everything? :)


  1. cool patterns!


  2. Nice outift :) well done!

  3. you look so cool.. I like the tops..


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