September 26, 2014

Nobody compares

Maybe it's the way our eyes meet that I fall in between those glimmering bullets you shot me with. But the fallen leaf never blame the wind. And so there's no one to blame here. The time was never right for me. The feelings were always wrong. And the person was even worse. But this time, somehow those pathetic reasons that will prevent me to fall in love don't work on you. But of course, like my other previous encounter with boys, I'm not that experienced with them. I can proudly say that I've never been in a relationship before for 18 years. Maybe I'm just waiting for the right guy to come along. Or, maybe I'm just not that good with PDAs and all. Ha.

I'm trying to get some help down here by asking it to my friends about what should I do around him. When I like a boy, I treat him like he's a baby. I mean, fragile and all. Every steps I make must be taken carefully. Better not make any mistakes because if I do, it will blow everything up. And have I told you how possessive I am with what's (not) mine (yet)? Yeah. I get this jealous feeling every so often when I see him talking to other girls and it's quite funny actually because he's not mine and we're not even anything. But just like 1D's song; "Because no one ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts, because I know you won't be mine tonight." I don't know how to make him to notice me though. Seriously, it seems like I'm not doing anything for it because whenever I want to get close to him, I'm afraid he'll notice (wait, isn't that the point of this whole thing?), but if I don't show him the effort, he'll never know.

Stylish cardigan, H&M black tank, Nevada pants, Airwalk shoes, Quartz watch

So me and this boy are in the same organization and we're currently also on the same project. We play at college's theater which will be held tonight and maybe because of the intensity of our meeting, the feeling blooms. Maybe it only blooms in my head, or in his head as well, I never have the chance to know it. I wish I can ask him straightforwardly about it. Thinking about what he thinks about me is really frustrating and I want it to stop. But just like those chicks on teenlit movies, we're never ready for the answer just yet. I try to give him the right signal, and I hope he reads it.

TGIF, pals! xo

September 21, 2014

Be the exposure of your life

Oh my God. HI. How long has it been since my last post on the blog??? I've abandoned my blog since August and I still can't believe it that I did. I mean, Back when I was still in Jakarta, I couldn't stand not to check on my blog and post mindless ramblings in it. But after I moved to Jogja, I started neglecting this baby :" I'm so sorry, that's the first thing I gotta say. But really, life has been a whee for the last entire month. I had to adapt to my new college life and focused on my real life business. Luckily I didn't catch any culture shock regarding my new life aside the fact that I no longer live with my parents, but I can deal with it. Occasionally I'll feel homesick. Like missing the way my parents wake me up for a morning pray or how dad will remind me to take the car to the car washing, etc. I miss my family, but not that much. I mean, at one point in my life I will have to leave them, right? Sooner or later, that step must be taken. So I just take it as a practice. Besides, I've been a really good girl for the past 18 years. And now that I have no parents around to tell me things, I feel free and great. But worry not, pals. I'm still that one quiet girl in town ;)

I'm not having trouble with what I'm learning in the faculty, but turns out it's not as exciting as I thought it would be. So most of the time I get distracted in the class because I'm bored or because the lecturer is too old to even hold the mic and starts speaking. My college life isn't so busy. I just go to the class, sit down, write some notes, and then leave without having anything to do afterwards because somehow my lecturers don't give us any paper to work on. Mm, strange. Anyway, have I told you I just got into Sanggar? While most of the students here apply for law-related organizations, I found myself applying for Sanggar. My friends even asked me in disbelief whether I really did it or not. Well, it's quite strange because for the mean time, I'm only tied down with Sanggar. Maybe because it's my passion? I'm honestly a literature student at heart, and Sanggar's existence means a lot to me. Also, since I'm involved with theater's yearly event, if you happen to be around Jogja or UGM, please do come to my first ever performance next Friday! Details will be posted soon or if you'd like to know more then please do not hesitate to convo me! :)

Nevada dress, unbranded skirt, watch, and necklace

I just got home from today's theater practice and changed my clothes for a very early dinner with my friends. Living far away from my parents with limited money makes it harder for me to pick which clothes should I wear when I go out because my mind is busily trying to remember if I've worn the same clothes twice in the same week. Well, girls. I just don't want to give people the wrong assumption that I never change my clothes just because I don't remember I've worn it too many times, haha. So I picked out my long lost favorite purple dress. But since it was hard for me to walk around the city with short dress, I added an extra length to it. The black midi skirt was the one I used for my orientation days at college. I always knew it would come in handy at unexpected moments, ha! I'm terribly sorry with the photos though. Too much exposure here and they end up looking so bright I can't even see what I'm posting... Sorry. Been months I haven't used my camera and I was too lazy to set the ISO. I still have to take Harry to the repairman since its auto focus is still broken. Might as well somebody suggest me where to go?

Until then, have a nice day! xo