November 19, 2014

Black pearl

My mom is currently in town. She's going back home to Jakarta in a few hours though. And yesterday when I met her, she gave me this ring. Frankly speaking, I don't like wearing rings because my fingers are all so fat, they'd look awkward if I put a ring on it. But the moment I looked at its black pearl (which mom told me it was "real", taken right from the clam itself in Lombok), I couldn't help but to wear it. It has a very elegant detail. I was hesitate at first to wear this ring everywhere I go around campus because the pearl is a bit too big in my liking. I showed Oscar last night and he thought I was getting engaged with someone else, haha! I'm gonna make it as a family heirloom. I'll pass it down to my daughter later :)

PS: The beautiful necklace is a gift I got from Julia.


  1. always love black pearl because i think its exotic
    love your ring btw <3


  2. beautiful ring !

  3. i love the ring it looks mythical! definitely a family heirloom material :')


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