February 24, 2014

I do these stuffs too

I remember I've started collecting comic books since I was 6 until now. I admit it the influence came from my cousin. Oh now everything seems coming from my cousin (talking about she's a law graduate and I soon will take her path too!). Must say I wasn't that fond of the Japanese until I started collecting comics. I read so many of them ranging from shoujo to shounen-ai. And trust me, I once dreamed of being a mangaka lol. I really love Japanese comic because their story plot are awesome, their drawings are to-die-for, not to mention how legendary some comics are. Like Conan, Naruto, and the inspiration for Michael Bay's movie, Transformer. So I was digging through my sketch books and found a series of my old drawings. I used to draw a lot but now I've stopped because, well, can't find the right time to start again :( I thought of getting into the school of manga here in Jakarta but mom never let me haha. Here, have a peek!

Aretha Edfrant of ELFORIANS

Oh my God look at this! xD Aside from drawing manga I also love writing stories and I've had this dream of having my own novel. The story is called ELFORIANS and is still a draft in my computer, but trust me the story idea is really cool >< I had troubles picturing my novel characters and so I poured all the ideas into manga and what you're seeing above is the girls characters :) It's really amateur omg and I put illogical numbers for their heights and weights lmao pardon me. The main character is Sera, the one in the middle, the rest of the girls are her witch-friends.

Mevha Najo of ELFORIANS

Okay I still remember clearly the first reason why I drew her. I was watching AVATAR: The Last Airbender and there she was, Azula of the Fire Nation, my all-time favourite girl character from that cartoon and I loved the way her hair tied upwards, leaving some hanging on both her sides. And I tried to imply the hair style to my character here... which probably not the same aka failed? Idk. This is Misa Claire, a character from my another story (which I forgot the title...) but one thing for sure is she's a demon.

Tara is also a demon, similar creature to Misa Claire

I hope I can start drawing manga and characters again soon. My hands are getting rigid when it comes to drawing and I really want to feel the sensation of finishing a character within a day ^^ So does any of you do something like this too? And what do you think about my oh so amateur drawings?

February 22, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

I don't understand myself anymore when it comes to time management. I feel like wanna throw myself a set of brick to wake me up from my delusional world where I'm supposed to study for the upcoming exam instead of just watching this girl ramblings about her unsatisfied comments of being Singaporean. I kind of forgot why did I watch her at the first place okay it seems legit for me and it's a part of my daily conversation for my English so I thought 'why not?'. I think it's a very old video (or not?) Idk I'm just too lazy to know when did she post it I don't really give a damn as long as I can listen to her and her words and understand her. But if you're curious of my opinions then I'm currently nodding my head along her okay.

Speaking of today's post, I think I'll be writing this a bit longer than I should be (and also to waste another good seconds of my "studying time") because the last week has been a whee and I need to release all my anger somewhere... So as always, school life is really confusing. One time you feel blessed, the other time you feel like wanna burn down that damn place. As the final round is getting closer, teachers at my school start giving us more works and works. And the sweet part is, we have to do it in groups. Which sadly, working in groups is something I am bad at. I mean, I'm selfish okay. I'm greedy for the spotlight, for that special place in teacher's heart that every school works I'm working on, I make sure that no one will be able to copy it. Working in groups with very dependent people is really. not. my. style. There I say it. I mean, can you imagine being the leader for 4 different groups??? Well, the members are all the same, what differs them is just the task. I lead 4 groups all at once and I lead a group which members are all the same for every task. I would say I'm so bored with them but it's not like I have any other chance to pick my own members because whenever the teacher says 'work in groups', these people will pick me as fast as the lightning, and you guys know how it's quite hard for me to say no. So I ended up working with the fucking same group, again. Honestly, I see no problem working with them. If only they can do their task, properly. I can't understand why at the age of 17 all my members can't do their own given job well. It's not like I give them the order to lift the mountains. When I give them orders they will always ask me and look up to me. I have to give them example first before they can do them on their own. And I have to do it for 4 different cases.

What a life.

I am so sorry that you guys have to read my ramblings but I just don't have anywhere to go to pour out my anger huhu ;__; If you happen to read my previous post about that shooting, you're gonna get what I mean this time. Don't get me wrong, pals. I love being in charge and for taking such big role as a leader of a team means so much to me because I have to be able to be responsible for all the chances I make. So far I've been doing really good (I made a video for my economy task and the whole class praised it, fyi) so I don't have a problem with the role "being a leader" because I am proved that I can take my place properly. But I'm not a person who can stand working under high pressure. When I do one task, I have to think about the other task because I can guarantee that none of my members would think about it. Because they think that it's my job as a leader to think about the group's concept. It gets me stressed and I sometimes end up cry myself to sleep because I'm afraid that my plans won't work ><

But anyway, my mom always reminds me that if things go like this again, just look at the silver lining. One day when all these stupid tasks are done, I'll be the one who walks out of the room with face full of proud and my pride rises the highest from the other students because I do it with all my might and with all my heart. I'll be the one who has the most knowledge about a lot of things because those students don't do it, and I do. I learn new things when I try to finish my tasks and they don't. So it's a win-win situation for me yehet. Oh and, few weeks ago my class had another photo session for our yearbook. This time we did it without any professional photographers. Nadya and I were in charge of the results. And since it was a really quick one, I didn't really take lots of photos. Errr, just enjoy what I serve you on the silver plate! xx

Aaaand yep, this is Nadya, my photographer friend (and her mighty camera)

This is why I have less photos than my friends...

Forever selfie because friends can't take my photos properly ;___;

I'm just tired with this being the leader stuffs because I'm a normal student, and I'm a human. Being a leader consumes most of my studying time because I have to record the videos, look for the mistakes, being in charge for the editing part, and so on and so forth. I need a fucking break from all these stuffs. But I just can't bring myself to it because if I stoop down from my place, who will replace me?

This is just another random post from otl. Have a nice weekend! xx

February 16, 2014

You can't ignore the spotlight, baby

Greetings, good people! How was your weekend? Today my brother had to get back to Jogja because his college will be started by tomorrow :( I'm gonna miss him again, huhu. Today my family went out to try Mujigae since brother said he wants to know how Korean dish taste like. And try we did. It wasn't as how I expected, honestly. We tried all kinds of foods we never heard before. I ordered myself kimchi fried rice and it tastes no different than the one made by my mom other than it has melted cheese as the topping lmao xD The bulgogi also tastes weird :x I don't know what's so good from Korean foods... ;__; At least now I know that Mujigae isn't that "wow" (or it's probably my tongue?). People have different opinions about the taste, do tell me if you happen to eat at Mujigae too!

I suppose yesterday was Saturday, right? I used to spend Saturdays at home, enjoying my spare time and taking rest from a week full of school. But yesterday was the toughest Saturday I ever had! I had to shoot for school's final year project due Monday, and it was a drama for my Bahasa task. We had it shot at school and my team quickly changed to our costumes yesterday right after the school ended. I haven't seen the result of the video though, Jeane helped us with the recording and I still don't know if it's bad or not :| I don't really believe people who record using Harry >< Sometimes they can go very blur and some people just don't know which angle they should shoot from. But it's Jeane we're talking about so I hope she did great!

Let me introduce you to Baekhyun imposter, Syifa Aulia (the girl wearing panda cap above) ^^ She's one of my classmates and seriously the first time I got to see her in the class I was like "Damn she looks like Baekhyun omona what should I do?" especially when she does nothing and just sit there spacing out lmao xD She brought her snapback yesterday for her drama recording too (I didn't know you collect snapbacks, fella!) and I quickly snatched it away from her and took lots of selcas haha! I was acting as a judge yesterday so sad that I wasn't allowed to wear the cap ;3;

The 'drama' queen, Meggy~

Meggy featuring the fabulous Macul

Yep, that's Jeane...

Cutie Indah!

Then some of my drama team went to Punuy's house to have our next project for economy final year task. So for this one, we have to make a "company" based on all the knowledge we've studied for the past semester and apply it to make our own business. Of course, it doesn't have to be real but there are some people that can't act in front of the camera! Also, I have stage fever and it seems like I'm one of the people who can't speak when the camera is on. I was so nervous when I had to fake a meeting with all my "managers" because we didn't prepare anything for the talk of the discussion :( I was like just throw all the shit in your mind, I don't care if it offends anyone, just friggin talk! uhh... now that I'm thinking about it I feel so bad >< We were rushing with the time because someone had to go for a course, their parents called, etc. But the first few shots are good and I think I can do something with it, if not destroying our hard work lol.

Please pray for me, I'm going to befriend with Movie Maker later tonight ;~;

Anyway, hope to see you soon! xx

February 08, 2014

Giving out hopes

Still as crazy as ever

Uh oh, I'm ill. So ill that I skipped school today, sigh... My body isn't feeling too well and I've felt it since Thursday but I thought if I kept doing everything and shrug it off the pain would go away. Turns out it got worst. Yesterday I had try-out as my course and I went there by motorcycle, not car like I always do. The weather hasn't changed much these days. It's still as windy as ever and for fucksake it was so cold. I'm not that type of person who can stand being in the cold for long period and driving motorcycle in such weather was really a fight. A tough one I would say. And so, as soon as I got at the course, I wrapped myself in my varsity to keep me warm (っ-●益●)っ ,︵‿ I couldn't even focus on the try-out and I kept sneezing my nose was (and still is!) like a waterfall! This is the first time I skipped school because of school lmao because I really care about my grades and all and I almost never choose being ill over school. I mean as long as I can walk myself to the bathroom, I'm all for school. But today, oh how painful today was... :"

Uhhh so I'm back with weekly report of Jakuen's silly photoshoot. It was for my school's yearbook and the whole clubs are involved. Sadly this will be my last yearbook with Jakuen :'( I'm gonna totally miss them all.

It's that time of the year again. I remember last year I was busy preparing stuffs for Jakusai 2 looking for sponsors here and there, thinking about the venue's decoration, etc. But now I'll be the one who keep an eye on them, my sickening sweet juniors :* Anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna have another yearbook photoshoot with Fiscal_3 (promise this would be the last one lmao) and I still don't know what to do. The days to come seem so thrilling for me and hopefully I can pass them all :/ Aaaah, when will things end, eh?

Psst, it's almost here!