January 28, 2015

Girls in the city 7

It all started right when Fidel told me she was craving for karē (curry). We both have our own favorite restaurant for karē, and right at that moment we decided to go to Grand Indonesia just for the sake of fulfilling our cravings. Since it's she and I again, the "jalan-jalan" will be another episode of Girls In The City. It's our seventh episode and we're so delighted to tag along someone as well! It's Tiara. She's been wanting to come along with us since the first episode but because of her tight schedule, most of the time she couldn't come with us. This time though, we planned everything out and we made sure Tiara could go. The first intention was actually going to Planetarium, since it's been years since our last visit to this place and we would like to rewind our rusty childhood memories. Planetarium is a great place to visit when you need some refreshing to see stars at nights and probably take some time off from the hectic city life and enjoy your time. Not to mention that the entrance ticket is much cheaper than I last remembered, hmn...

We of course took the chance to roam around the mall because we were waiting for the show time at Planetarium which started at 5.30 pm on week days. So because we were in the hippest mall in Jakarta right at that moment, we looked around to snap some more photos. Honestly I rarely go the mall unless I want to buy some new clothes. I'd rather spend my money on food street vendor or little cafes instead to get my favorite coffee or bubble tea. Malls aren't really my hang out place. ALSO, you have to see how I held back the pain of walking on heeled boots for eight fucking hours going from one place to the other and even chasing the train. I abused my feet too much :(

Pretend you don't see this one...

After fooling around until it was almost the show time, we went straight to our next destination: Planetarium, which you can always google that place on Gmaps. It wasn't too far from Grand Indonesia but since we were quite blind with directions, we took a taxi to get there. Planetarium on week days was so quiet and unpacked. It's as if we were the only one attending the show yesterday! I wonder if people still go to this place for a quick entertainment with their family.

Mandatory selfie inside the studio before the show started.

After the show, we walked around Taman Ismail Marzuki to snap more photos because Tiara said we didn't take enough photos that day. As I told you before, it's been years since I last visited TIM and Planetarium. So you can imagine how surprised I was to discover such building did exist here. It was so Instagram-able, as how Mancah would describe, and beautiful as well. Jakarta in the evening was quite enjoyable. You can find many young kids and teenagers playing sports like soccer or skate-boarding. Such pleasant view~

We. Are. Happy. Kids.

I look like a lioness with that hair orz

Okay so fortunately there was an art exhibition held at Taman Ismail Marzuki as well and as usual, we couldn't miss this one because it was one held by UNJ (Jakarta State University). The exhibition was mind-blowing. Just like this one. You see this piece of art from afar and you'll catch a picture of a mother holding her baby. But if you look closely, you can see that the picture is made from a group of nails being put together creating the picture. Wicked, isn't it?

And of course, my outfit of the day.

H&M long shirt (or coat?), Nevada plaid pants, Lacoste sling bag, IconNinety9 shoes

This place is totally good for taking your ootd photos, honestly saying. You just have to tag along someone with good photography skill who knows well about angles and all. You're gonna love the ambience here, trust me. And so I guess that'll be the end of today's post. I'm so excited because I scored seven posts this January! I usually just leave one or four posts a month because of the hectic college life. So happy because I got to update the blog during my holiday :D 'Till then, have a nice day! xx

January 16, 2015

Back home

FOREVER21 shirt | NEVADA pants | unbranded shoes

So I just got arrived in Jakarta last Tuesday evening with sore body because of the train lag. I'm gonna stay here until February as my holiday ends on February 16th. I guess I'm still not used with long hours travelling, sigh. Well, I guess when you have to remain seated and not knowing what to do except sleeping for eight hours, you'll get that feeling. Anyway, since taking my camera with me all the time is really tiring and not to mention it attracts too many attention sometimes taking photos on public malls, snapping your ootd seems a whole lot easier with phones. But of course, my phone's camera quality is still far from that. So I managed to borrow Drian's new phone and got its camera tested when we were out to have lunch.

January 14, 2015

What to watch: The Book of Life

I first knew this movie from Oscar. We were talking about what movies we just finished watching and he told me about The Book of Life. I saw the title the other day and I thought the movie was about a cliche young cheesy love… totally out of my league. But just yesterday when I was browsing through IMDb, turned out The Book of Life is an animation movie. And God knows I looovveee animation so much!

The story plot is beautifully packed. A love triangle between Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria. Manolo with his love for music, and Joaquin with his everlasting life medal which makes him unbeatable and works his way to be the best soldier in city of San Angel, both of them are fighting over Maria’s heart.

This is actually none other than the wager between ruler of the Land of The Remembered, La Muerte (the lady in the picture below) and ruler of Land of The Forgotten, Xibalba (the dark creature on the right). They place a bet on who’s gonna marry Maria in the end and if Xibalba wins, they will switch place. But if La Muerte wins, Xibalba should never lay a hand on mortal’s business.

She's totally my favorite character in the movie!

It’s a movie worth the watch. I can totally relate to the story. Because I’ve been in that position. In fact, I’m currently in that position, more less. But just like the story, my choice downs to the boy with the guitar. Plus, the songs in this movie are beautiful! I personally like I Love You Too Much performed by Diego Luna and No Matter Where You Are by Us The Duo c: If you have free time, don’t forget to watch this and tell me what do you think!

This worth 8.5 out of 10.

January 12, 2015

The monster within

Remember that time when I told you I had a problem with my personality that my parents had to send me out to a rehabilitation center for teenagers? It's not a new thing. I went into a fight with my classmate back then on my second year in senior high and it didn't end up good. All my friends were worried about my condition because I snapped at them all the time. I was angry for no reason and my behavior was similar like a woman on period. Even worse than that. I hated that I couldn't even figure out the reason why I acted like that. I tried to talk to my psychiatrist but it didn't help me much. I kept going back and forth with my mood and things got worse, I isolated myself from my family. I always knew that I'm no good in handling my emotion and the fact that I'm sensitive makes it even worse. I develop many new behaviors and most of the time, they're pretty destructive. One time I can feel like I'm up in the clouds, the next second I'll be covering myself under my blanket and lock myself for days, ignoring the world.

Even though I have friends to talk to, somehow I have trust issue that I makes me being secretive about who I really am and what disease lies within me. I always keep everything to myself. Which many say that it's not really good because telling my stories and problems will always reduce the burden. But I wish it were that easy. It was never that easy. Talking it out won't sort things out. At least, that's how I see it. Writing has been my only getaway because somehow I don't need advice, I just need someone to listen to me. So writing often comes in handy because I can pour out all my feelings without having to hear numerous useless advice about what I should and shouldn't do.

I was close to develop dual personality, my psychiatrist told me. And it would be harder to handle if I really did. I've heard about these people who change their behavior periodically and often address themselves as someone else when in fact they're still the same person. It's creepy, because how can two 'souls' live in one body and each soul has their own mind. Who controls who? Even until now I still have troubles controlling myself not to get out of my limit. I'm afraid that my friends can't accept me for who I am, with all my flaws and mistakes. Sometimes I question my real character when I'm around my friends. It's really confusing.

January 05, 2015

Seven confessions

Forever21 denim shirt, Nevada trousers, Elizabeth shoes

Confessions about family
I guess anyone can see it straight from the beginning that I'm not a family-oriented type of girl. Yes, I don't get along with any of my family members, even either mom or dad. Still, I have a soft spot for my older brother somehow. Funny because we used to fight and scratch each other's face. But as we grew up together, I learned that he's not forever annoying, y'know. Especially when I had to practically save him from the troubles he brought himself into, I feel like I need to protect him. But it's the completely the other way around with my younger brother. My psychiatrist once told me that I had grown jealous upon my parents' treatment towards him because I was the youngest child in the family before he was born. Thus I probably developed negative relationship with him. I'm trying to fix myself tho. It's not healthy, I'm aware.

Confessions about love
I have been single since I was born. I'm telling you guys the truth. I have never tied down into a relationship before. Well, an official one. The last thing I had was 'unlabeled'. A relationship where you care for each other but you're not officially a couple. I'm not one who can handle being in love without having the rest of the world knowing about it LMAO. There's this bad habit where I can't secretly fall in love (except for that one person) (where I held myself so hard because he was literally my best friend and I fell too hard for him and if he knew I had a thing for him, I was worried he would avoid me). I guess my brain interprets the action as a form of making barrier around my crush. Also, I fall in love so easy, even in the most unexpected time and with the most unexpected person. My last relationship only took four hours for me to fall for him. You can laugh at that.

Confessions about abilities
I'm pretty much the jack of all trades... Though there are few fields that I guess I do it better than other fields. Like writing and drawing, for example. I've been keeping diaries ever since I was eight, and my parents realized I had a thing in choosing words when school gave me a paper in which I had to write about about my holiday. Ever since then, they always encourage me to practice my writing, even hoping that someday I will have my own book. I guess it's becoming something more than just a hobby. It helps me to clear out my mind.

I also develop a decent skill in drawing because mom put me in a drawing course along with my best friend since I was still at young age. Time flies and I fell in love with Japanese drawing style; manga. I learned all the basics by myself and made some comics (they're still crappy as fuck), and developed my own drawing style. Then I started creating my very own original characters, it was so much fun! Though I have stopped drawing (and I guess my skill is getting rusty... sigh), I can say that I'm not that rigid to make something artsy.

Confessions about food
I eat all kinds of foods. And I love spicy foods most of all. I love putting lots of chili into my food because they taste much much better. I dislike vegetables, but I still eat them anyway because there's no other option not to. I mean, it's healthy, and it prevents cancer and other serious disease, so why not? Though they taste weird sometimes, but I do eat everything served on the table. I'm allergic to prawns and I don't eat corns. They taste the weirdest of all, yuck! :x

Confessions about money
I'm no good in managing money. And I just happened to discover that when I started living far from my parents. Most of my money goes out to foods. Yeah, I'd rather spend them all in food than clothing just because. Happy tummy makes me feel better about life, teehee. My friends see me as a spoiled daughter. And I guess I am. I mean, being the only daughter in the family gives me the opportunity to have more stuffs because I can't borrow anything from my brothers, right? ;) I also get a lot of things like clothes and accessories inherited from my mother. Money goes around me all the time because I use that excuse, LOL.

Confessions about lies
I lie a lot. I even lie to my best friend and parents and everyone. I create stories just so people will look at me differently. But I have never been caught by anyone. I'm trying to stop being a liar tho haha. It's an old habit I'm hard to stop.

Confessions about blog
If I hadn't deleted my very first blog and read the entire post written there, I would have fallen from my chair right now because they were all so messed up. I don't really pay attention the birthday of lucidreams, but now that it's entering its third year, I keep remembering my first blog. I really wanna laugh at my stupidity and all. Oh I wish I really hadn't deleted that piece of shit. I'd like to reminisce some moments!

It's my go-to-college outfit today. I just bought the denim shirt and it was quite pricey but since I rarely buy something over-the-price since I started living with my parents, I think investing money on this shirt doesn't really matter. I love splurging on things I love anyway. And I've been wanting to have a denim shirt since a long time ago. I thought my mom would despise it because she's very demanding when it comes to my outfits. But when I told her I just bought a denim shirt and sent her a photo of it, she seemed so delighted with my choice. And have I told you I lost some weight? Dancing helped me getting rid of those fatty fatty and I feel happier now because I can tone down my size a bit ;D I'll be going back home to Jakarta after final exams, probably this Saturday and I really can't wait to reunite with my high school friends! ^_^

Happy Monday! xx

Through the years

I signed up for Blogger.com on 2009. I was highly-inspired by Clara, a veteran blogger in fashion blogging. Her former blog, Sunflares Plethora was such an inspiration for me. I fell in love with everything she put on her blog. The way she writes, the way she takes photos. Although now she’s developing it to a whole new level and blogging starts becoming her ‘job’, I still prefer the old her. She doesn’t write as much as she used to, her blog is starting to be crumpled with advertisements and all the nik-naks of fashion blogs mostly.

My first blog, I still remember the title, “Black Crown Kingdom”. And even until now I still can’t figure it out why I picked that name. I went as Lady Black Queen. Thinking that an eccentric name would attract more people to read my blog. And I was more than happy when one day Clara commented on one of my post. Just once, though. But ever since that I kept trying to improve my blog’s quality.

In 2011, if I’m not mistaken, I deleted some posts in my blog and made a theme for the blog. To make sure I have something iconic. It didn’t work, honestly. And I deleted everything and went on a hiatus because of crisis identity. Finally in 2012, I restarted everything and created a brand new blog, Ginfragont. It was just a jumbled word coming out of nowhere and I put it up as my blog’s title because I couldn’t find the right title to describe me yet. Only until then, in the mid year I changed it into Lucid Dreams because of the recent diagnose from my psychiatrist that I had some lucid dreams behavior.

That being said, Lucid Dreams—the blog—is like a living documentation of my life. About the dreams and life plan I have. It has witnessed a lot of things; from my stupid crush at high school to many of my achievements. Everything. I made friends through blogging, both from Indonesia and outside the country. I was obliged to learn Photoshop because I wanted to make blinkies for my blog (header and such). Blogging has given me a lot of opportunities and I even got some freebies from writing my thoughts on the net! Wicked, isn’t it?

So to everyone who has been there since the very beginning, I wanna say thank you. Thank you so much. It’s going on its fourth year now. But I just can’t wait ‘till mid year to post my gratitude to my readers. I can’t believe that my crappy writings could attract so many people, even international ones.

Happy birthday, lucidreams! Lots of loveeeee ♥♥♥

January 04, 2015

Always a new beginning

Hi people! First of all, I wanna say happy new year to all of you guys! I know, I know, it's been late. Too late I guess. But the past few days were spent with my family and I stayed at my home here in Jogja, not in the guest house as usual. There was no wifi so I couldn't update the blog with anything and for that, I'm truly sorry. So how's your first few days in 2015??? I spend mine going to many places with my family and friends! New year eve was spent watching Oscar having gigs at Tickles cafe, then me and some of my friends decided to go to Parangtritis because we wanted to spend the rest of the night somewhere off the city. I gotta admit it though, that as the time goes by, celebrating new year doesn't feel that exciting anymore. The only thing that keeps the euphoria is the people I celebrate with. You can see the photos through my Instagram :)

2014 has become the toughest year in my life so far. With all the fuss of getting into college and all but somehow I still managed to survive everything. Not to mention how I scored into major I've been dreaming for since I was still in grade five. The hard work really paid off and it felt so good! So I'm wishing to everyone who's facing the National Exam and university tests this year a lot of good luck, especially to my junior at high school :) That being said, I'm closing 2014 with a bitter memory. Somehow I couldn't work things together with my loved one and we decided to drop things before new year. The timing was wrong, I should say, but it's always better now than later. It's really hard for me to let go something so beautiful. I was still being hopeful about us, but I guess I'm just nothing than a friend to him. Oh well.

Today was sunny, unlike Jogja few days back. And my little brother demanded our parents to take us to this newly-discovered beach near Parangtritis. It wasn't really quiet for a newly-discovered though. The waves were really strong and the tide was pretty high. Me and my brothers weren't allowed to go far from the shore by our parents because mom was having her paranoia of us getting swept by the waves... Yeah, right. But it was so much fun! It's been such a long time for us to spend our holiday altogether. My older brother is really busy so it's hard for him to play with us :( Plus, today my parents and my little brother are going back home to Jakarta because his school starts tomorrow and me and my older brother will have our final exams too. Surely I'm gonna miss them all >,<

So, I guess that's all the update for now. I need to continue studying for exam. Cheerio! xx