January 16, 2015

Back home

FOREVER21 shirt | NEVADA pants | unbranded shoes

So I just got arrived in Jakarta last Tuesday evening with sore body because of the train lag. I'm gonna stay here until February as my holiday ends on February 16th. I guess I'm still not used with long hours travelling, sigh. Well, I guess when you have to remain seated and not knowing what to do except sleeping for eight hours, you'll get that feeling. Anyway, since taking my camera with me all the time is really tiring and not to mention it attracts too many attention sometimes taking photos on public malls, snapping your ootd seems a whole lot easier with phones. But of course, my phone's camera quality is still far from that. So I managed to borrow Drian's new phone and got its camera tested when we were out to have lunch.


  1. Cute and comfy looking! My friend is actually there right now as well. Have fun!

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  3. Great look! Lovely print of the top

    Made in Mauve

  4. Anonymous17/1/15 00:13

    How nice!
    I follow you, if you like to reciprocate this is my blog: http://theroaronthecatwalk94.blogspot.it/ a big kiss and good weekend!

  5. Great style! I really love your shoes!

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  6. Nice!
    Nawe a great weekend!

  7. hope you have rested enough from the trip. i am following your blog, please follow back. melodyjacob1.blogspot.com

  8. Nice outfit! Hope you're having a good week

  9. Have a great weekend and take a rest from your trip hun :)

  10. Very nice pants and I love your shirt :)

  11. Cute outfit! Travelling can be tiring but it's worth it after all!


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