January 10, 2015


H&M long shirt worn as outerwear, unbranded black bandeau dress, Airwalk shoes

Hi! I can safely say that the final exam is finally over, chyeeaaahh to the yeaaahhh! But I'm still mourning over my bad score because I admit it, I didn't do my best all over again. I didn't study hard and underestimate everything, ugh. My time management is really suck. When I'm supposed to study, I hang out with my friends instead and when I come home, I'm too tired to open the book and start studying. I don't know why I'm losing the spirit I once had before I got into the university. I was thrilled to take all the tests and didn't even complain about it. Now after I ~get~ into the major I've always wanted, I lose all my passion all of a sudden. I was thinking about changing my major and take another test this year along with the other final year high school student, but that would be too risky because I'm totally not in the mood to study about high school lessons anymore. They're so yesterday and I'm sure I can't remember anything about math again especially because in faculty of law we don't study math at all, ha!

I got this new flannel shirt (or coat...) from my mom when the rest of my family paid a visit to celebrate new year. The material is so thick I concerned about the heat in Jogja when I first saw this. And it was a bit itchy so I decided to wear it as an outerwear instead. All in all, it looks just fine, don't you think? But I still don't think this can be worn when the weather is cold because the sleeve is revealing too much skin so I don't know if this can be considered as an outerwear... Yeah.

I just realized I was talking about my confusion towards the clothes I'm wearing. Yep.


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  2. It must be really fun to live in Jogja! I love your ethnic necklace btw. Good job on pairing the plaid shirt with black dress, it looks comfy and effortless.


    1. Well, life has been good! Do tell if you happen to visit the town and I'll catch you up! :* Thank you Firda!

    2. Well, life has been good! Do tell if you happen to visit the town and I'll catch you up! :* Thank you Firda!

  3. Lovely outfit! I really like your necklace and flannel shirt (or coat :D).

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    1. Haha, still haven't figure out the true piece of that cloth... But thank's anyway!

  4. Cool outfit! Love the necklace :)

    Deasy Tantra


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