January 05, 2015

Through the years

I signed up for Blogger.com on 2009. I was highly-inspired by Clara, a veteran blogger in fashion blogging. Her former blog, Sunflares Plethora was such an inspiration for me. I fell in love with everything she put on her blog. The way she writes, the way she takes photos. Although now she’s developing it to a whole new level and blogging starts becoming her ‘job’, I still prefer the old her. She doesn’t write as much as she used to, her blog is starting to be crumpled with advertisements and all the nik-naks of fashion blogs mostly.

My first blog, I still remember the title, “Black Crown Kingdom”. And even until now I still can’t figure it out why I picked that name. I went as Lady Black Queen. Thinking that an eccentric name would attract more people to read my blog. And I was more than happy when one day Clara commented on one of my post. Just once, though. But ever since that I kept trying to improve my blog’s quality.

In 2011, if I’m not mistaken, I deleted some posts in my blog and made a theme for the blog. To make sure I have something iconic. It didn’t work, honestly. And I deleted everything and went on a hiatus because of crisis identity. Finally in 2012, I restarted everything and created a brand new blog, Ginfragont. It was just a jumbled word coming out of nowhere and I put it up as my blog’s title because I couldn’t find the right title to describe me yet. Only until then, in the mid year I changed it into Lucid Dreams because of the recent diagnose from my psychiatrist that I had some lucid dreams behavior.

That being said, Lucid Dreams—the blog—is like a living documentation of my life. About the dreams and life plan I have. It has witnessed a lot of things; from my stupid crush at high school to many of my achievements. Everything. I made friends through blogging, both from Indonesia and outside the country. I was obliged to learn Photoshop because I wanted to make blinkies for my blog (header and such). Blogging has given me a lot of opportunities and I even got some freebies from writing my thoughts on the net! Wicked, isn’t it?

So to everyone who has been there since the very beginning, I wanna say thank you. Thank you so much. It’s going on its fourth year now. But I just can’t wait ‘till mid year to post my gratitude to my readers. I can’t believe that my crappy writings could attract so many people, even international ones.

Happy birthday, lucidreams! Lots of loveeeee ♥♥♥


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