February 18, 2015

Whispering shadow

 PSY blazer, H&M tank, Nevada pants, ICONinety9 shoes

I love taking online personality tests on some websites. Do you? My last three test's results say that I'm an ENFP. And I should say that the description does describe me. It says that I'm an intuitive person rather than an observant one. True, because I always have this intuition and feelings when I'm about to do something, or when I feel like something's not right. I guess that's because I'm a woman. I believe most of us rely a lot on our feelings, no? And today, I somehow feel like something bad is about to happen. Something really really terrible is making its way into my life and I'm starting to feel uneasy. It actually comes from my friends because they seem like hiding something from me. Well, not just me. It's like they're making some other circle of discussion where not everyone is included and they're starting to irk me with the signs of dirty secrets they share only in their clique. I don't know why but this is bugging me. Does this have something to do with my rely-a-lot-on-intuition self? How do you handle this kind of situation?

I'm starting to mix and match clothes based on their color palette, and even though I'm still an amateur in this whole mix-matching, I guess I'm doing a good progress? I don't know, you tell me. Last time I did a white-cream-orange combination and now I'm in a monochrome look. So this is why people are so in love with fashion because they can play with the entire elements to their likings. This is my go-to-campus look, or let's just say, my kind of #ootd. The blazer comes from an online shop owned by my friend, I fell in love with it at the first sight soooo if you're looking for something new to wear, maybe you'd like to check out PSY on Instagram and start shopping! ;)

'Till then, have a nice day, and happy Chinese new year! x


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  4. nice outfit dear!
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  5. that sweater!! so cute!



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